Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

What is the goal for your assignment?
My goal for this assignment is to gain more knowledge about creating mashups by speeding up or slowing down songs, so they have a common BPM. This way, the songs will sound more put together and the timing will be correct. My final piece of audio should include tracks of songs with different styles and expressions.  Despite the style difference, the mashup should flow well and it shouldn’t sound like individual songs played right after each other.
Why this project?
 I would like to create a mashup because I enjoy listening to many genres of songs and I would like to listen a few of them in one. I think it would be interesting to listen to a mashup from different artists and how their different tones and styles compliment each other.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.
To create a mashup, I will need to select my songs. I will select songs that their styles are not too similar because I think a good mashup is a combination of different tones and pitches. I will consider picking songs from a few different genres because they feature different instruments and artists. After my songs are chosen, I will use a youtube to mp3 converter to download my songs. This step ensures that I download these files safely without any registration needed. When this step is completed, I will create a new garage band project. Afterward,  I will use the information I have learned during the research process to start my mashup. I will drag my songs into the project and convert them all to have the same bpm.
What do you hope to learn?
  This project can help me develop as a learner and widen my knowledge about the difference in styles and genres in music. I would like to learn more skills in Garageband that could help tracks flow smoothly.
What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product?
By the end of this project, I should be able to successfully create a mashup that will consist of 4 songs. Those 4 songs should have different styles or are in different genres. The transition between songs should be clear but should flow smoothly. The entire track will have the same tempo for easy editing and transitioning. The different pieces of audio in the song shouldn’t be similar but have a similar beat.

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