Sounds of CDNIS

Please listen to my Sounds of CDNIS piece of music below:

Describe the process of this assignment. *
This unit is called sounds of CDNIS, it is about using software instruments and apple loops to create a piece of music. We learned how to play different software instruments, how to use apple loops, and use different plugins. This assignment was not as difficult as I envisioned. I thought that we were going to learn something completely knew that I have no prior knowledge of. With all of the prior knowledge, I gained last year, this was not very hard to complete. I was extending my knowledge and learned various skills that can be very useful. Last year, we learnt how to create pieces of music using an instrument and garage band. However, we didn’t use apple loops and plugins. For this assignment, we had to transform sounds at our school into ones that sound completely different.  We had to use our new knowledge about plugins to make it unrecognisable. After transforming our original sounds, we were expected to use apple loops, different plugins and play software instruments to create a song. I have done this assignment to the best of my ability and it was an enjoyable learning experience.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
The first sound I transformed was a teacher talking, specifically Ms. Clarke. She was saying a phrase and I tried to make it unrecognizable. For this piece of audio, I used bit crusher, ambiance, and reverb. I wanted it to sound electronic, instead of someone talking. To make a beat and rhythm, I had cut and pasted the parts where she was talking the loudest. I used reverb and ambiance to make the environment of the recording more apparent. To create my second sound, I recorded 2nd graders having lunch in the 6/F cafeteria. There was this boy yelling “oh” at the background, I wanted to emphasize that part for more expression. I cleared out the background noise with all the rest of the children using a noise gate. I used exciter to make it more upbeat and positive. I used bit crusher to make it unrecognizable. My third sound was a boy screaming and saying the word “idiot”. This piece of audio has a negative message, so I was trying to make it sound positive. I cut and pasted the parts where the boy was loudest to make a beat, but at the same time I wanted it to match the first one I made, so it would be easier when creating the song. I used bit crusher to make it sound a little distorted, a noise gate to quiet down background noises and used overdrive for an echo. For my fourth and final piece of audio, I recorded myself drawing smiley faces on a whiteboard in a classroom. I didn’t want to change that much of it because I thought that the original sound was already different. This was recorded in a math classroom, so I removed the background noise using a noise gate. I also used a bit crusher to make it sound more electronic. A pattern that I recognized was that I used a lot of bit crusher. Bit crusher made my sounds very different compared to the original. I liked how it made it sound electronic and distorted.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
For this assignment I think that I have done well, I have learned a lot of skills and gained a lot of knowledge that could be helpful in the future. Throughout this entire unit, I learned how to use plugins, each plugin’s usage, how to use apple loops, and how to play the piano as a software instrument. I am confident to say that I can understand these skills and how they can affect my piece of music. Again, I have extended my knowledge about garage band and is very interested in this topic.
What challenges did you face and overcome? *
There weren’t as many challenges I had to overcome as I thought I would. This assignment was not easy, but not very difficult too. Most of my challenges were based on understanding and time pressure. At first, I didn’t understand what the task was and how I should complete it. As a result, I had to ask Mr. O’toole and peers for another explanation. I didn’t understand how to use my plugins and where to find them in garage band. With the help of google, I could successfully use my plugins. Another challenge I had to face was the time pressure. With my lack of understanding and prior knowledge about these new skills, I found it hard to complete things on time. We were given 4 classes in total for the entire project. I spent 2 classes perfecting the culminating assessment video even though making the song was harder. If I were to improve, I would manage my time better and work efficiently and effectively.

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