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This week’s home learning I did four activities and one of them was the typhoons. This activity was the first one I started to do during the week, in this activity you are supposed to write and explanatory text about what you know about typhoons, I wrote three paragraphs on my HL notebook.

The next activity I did was the experiment part 2, in the activity I wrote about an experiment our class did before it was called the lava lamp and the lava lamp went well but it got worse when our little buddies came.

Then I read an mystery book called Spy School for the past four days its about these people who are training to become spies and the main character was Ben Ripley it is an average book because nothing really interesting happened yet, but the other spy school books that the author wrote i think were way better than this one but I haven’t finished the book yet.

The last activity i did was the math and I chose khan academy because I did that last year and in khan academy there were a lot of algebra and in and out tables. I prefer doing khan academy than Mathletics because khan academy is more like sixth grade and its more challenging and I also like khan academy more because i did khan academy last year with my teacher and it helped a little bit.

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