Coding Python Reflection

The final activity I did was the guess the  secret number activity because I just wanted to do a guess your number activity. In this code I already did  some of it before. In this activity the commands I used was secret number,  guessed correctly try again and print. They were the commands used for this activity .  I think this was the best activity because the other ones were about ordering eggs for breakfast and the vending machine but they weren’t as good as this one because I spent more effort and time on this one. I think that  this is a good activity  for the last project because it  is the best and you get  better through out time.

STP Video

Our class watched a video on our unit and the video was about two different children and their daily lifestyle. In the video they divided two people and showing what  they do during the whole day, we watched both of the children in one video. When we were watching the video we  had to write things down in our PYPX journal and we had to write about what we  see, think and wonder about the video. In the PYP{X  journal we did

What happened in the video was that there were two sides and it two videos and there is a line dividing it. The kid on the left had money, he was young and has his own room and bed but when he woke up the first thing he did was watch a cartoon. On the right hand side I saw that there was a family and they were sleeping outside a house. There was a kid who woke up about 4 o clock in the morning  and went to work. When the first child can go to school and have a good education, while the  other child has to work a lot and have no break. The first child ate his own food with his friend and had his own lunch box, but the other child had to share a meagre meal with 5 other people and you could barely see the food.

I think that the first child is rich and has a lot of things in his life, and the other kid is homeless and has nothing, works and make shoes for people for a living. I also think that the wealthy child is connected to the other kid because at the last scene they showed us both of the kids that had a pair of shoes and they looked similar except that the child on the right’s shoes was broken.  What I learned in this process was things can connect to you and can relate or is the opposite to what you are doing.

Blog post Goal setting

                                                                Goal setting blog post form October to January

One of my goals is to get better in algebra. I want to do this because algebra is very useful in life if you want to get into college and if you want to get better in math because even when you grow up and when you want to find out what is the mysterious variable that is in your job and if you want to be a businessman then you need to have some algebra in your life. The other goal is about home learning time management and listening skills.

In algebra how I will achieve my goal is to work on that specific kind of algebra and solving equations like finding variables like x, y and z and also finding out the term in the line graph I would mostly focus on this subject and not really think about too much of the other subjects. I think I will achieve this goal a few weeks after the Christmas holidays because I have some math tutors.

Another goal I have is time management listening skills and doing all 4 tasks in home learning.In time management I need to do my things on time and not too late because sometimes I do it too late. For listening skills I need to know what is going on in the class and remember to hand in things on google classroom. In grade six the home learning is very different to what I have done in the past years, in the past years the home learning is you do an activity and then the math and reading part is different, the math you do at home and the reading part is something called guided reading you read a book with your group and then you and your teacher read it together a way to complete these goals are to fill in my planner and write when to do my home learning or Chinese homework. I need to complete these goals a bit later than the Christmas holiday.

I think that I need to finish these goals before January because I have plenty of time and if you finish it at the end of the year it would be too late. These goals are relevant to what we did in grade 6 because in grade six we did algebra and solving equations and in grade six you need to manage your time well and do all your home learning in time because you need to organize your things and get ready to go to the middle school years and in middle school grade there are a lot of things you need to do and you need to manage your time well.




Home Learning Blog

This week’s home learning I did four activities and one of them was the typhoons. This activity was the first one I started to do during the week, in this activity you are supposed to write and explanatory text about what you know about typhoons, I wrote three paragraphs on my HL notebook.

The next activity I did was the experiment part 2, in the activity I wrote about an experiment our class did before it was called the lava lamp and the lava lamp went well but it got worse when our little buddies came.

Then I read an mystery book called Spy School for the past four days its about these people who are training to become spies and the main character was Ben Ripley it is an average book because nothing really interesting happened yet, but the other spy school books that the author wrote i think were way better than this one but I haven’t finished the book yet.

The last activity i did was the math and I chose khan academy because I did that last year and in khan academy there were a lot of algebra and in and out tables. I prefer doing khan academy than Mathletics because khan academy is more like sixth grade and its more challenging and I also like khan academy more because i did khan academy last year with my teacher and it helped a little bit.

Young Americans


For the first two days of this week a group of performers called the Young Americans came to our school. They taught us some dances and together we preformed for the school .


The first day they prepared a dance with us and then they showed us the moves we then had to do and we had to chose a young American to teach us the moves of the dance so after that we had our morning snacks  there were some nutritious foods and some baked snacks like sausages and pizza. Next we did other dances.


For the second day the Young Americans showed us some songs and they chose some people to do some solos lines because they think they are confident on singing and are good with doing it and that they can do it for the whole group. Then after the practice we went to different groups the group I went to first was to create a song, because our group was called the something dumplings we created a song about dumplings. Then we headed to lunch. Next we came back to our classrooms and then we did a practice for the performence, When the parents and school staff came the Young Americans showed themselves and did some dance moves, and then they asked us to come down and do the performence with them.

In conclusion I think that the Young Americans were quite fun but two days were a little bit too long for me and it would be better if it was one day.


Adobe Illustrator reflection

Yesterday we did something called illustrator, illustrator helps you by putting shapes and making shapes to create something.

what i liked about illustrator was that it helps you with many things such as drawing shapes and knowing about the shapes and start to know more about technology, people could create animals creatures or people by using illustrator but we didn’t do much with illustrator because  it was just the first time trying so we didn’t do that much with the app.

I think that the app illustrator was quite good because it was a good start for making shapes on technology.


  在中文課的時候我們學了第一個單元和我們也做了很多作業最後我們做了一個遊戲在kahoot 和讓人家玩。 我們先讀了一個科文教管家貓和管家貓一天來到媽媽的家然後跟她著想幫她, 所以我們做了一個遊戲和讓了三個另外的租來玩然後跟他們收這個管家貓的故事。


Asbury Field Trip reflection

    Today we went to the Asbury for a field trip Asbury is located at Kwai Chung. The purposely went there to see how other people’s lives are in subdivided flats.

  When we got there there was this man called Francis and he told us about these houses called the subdivided flats, subdivided flats are spaces were people and they live there the house hey live in is like a room but you will have to share the room with other people. There is also a kitchen and toilet provided because they are important things to have in a room. So Francis said that around 265 thousands of people in Hong Kong live there because of several reasons, the first reason is that they don’t have enough money or need to find a home because they are homeless, but a several of people who are like them do illegal things like live in a 24 hour open restaurants, so Francis told us to go to our groups and have a guide leading us so our guide told us that there are only 1800 subdivided houses in the world and Hong Kong is over populated and that if people need to wait to live in a subdivided flat then they have to wait about 5.3 years.

       So the first thing we did was that we went to a street that has a lot of markets on the side and we each had twenty dollars so we could use that money to buy something for the people we were going to visit. So first of all we went to a market that sells eggs, egg plants, tomatoes and peanuts so we decided to buy eggs because my group wanted to, so in our team we had five children and we let Eli carry the eggs because he wanted to and said he wouldn’t mind, so we bought other things like a bottle of shampoo and some tissue papers, until we had thirty dollars left then we bought some pencils and pens for them.

 When we got there we walked up the building we saw lots of rubbish such as banana peels and smoked cigarettes.  The person we needed to visit was in the top floor. when we got there we gave her the things we bought so we first gave her the bottle of shampoo then Ethan gave her the rolls of tissue paper we bought than finally we went to give her the things we bought for her son, and we each asked two questions in mandarin or cantonese because she didn’t understand english. We asked her that does she like living in a subdivided flat and she replied and said that it was okay because she didn’t really have space and was frustrating because the house was only 100 millimeters and that the bathroom was pretty small. and she sat on the ground because she had to sleep on the floor and her son has to sleep on the bunk bed with her husband.

  So she thanked us for our gifts and then we left because we had to go eat lunch soon. After eating lunch we left and went to the bus and drove back to school, but I didn’t go to the bus because I have car sick and that I’ll puke if the ride is more than 45 minutes. When we got back to school we played in the ninth floor playground for ten minutes, after that we did our reflection about the field trip.

Halloween Party Reflection

1 Did your activity meet any needs in the classroom community? Or, what was the objective for your activity and why is it important for the Halloween Party?

In Halloween Party what I brought wasn’t really important because I just bought some fruits with marshmallows , a few mini hot dogs and a box of candy. It wasn’t really important because many other people also bought lots of fruits and candies

2 Were Roles important to being successful in your group/activity? What where the roles and responsibilities in your group?

My responsibility was to bring food and other things, I think it was important because people wouldn’t be able to eat anything and will be bored just playing the games and sitting down and watching the movie. My group worked effectively by bring the right foods that they wanted to bring to the classroom and share the food.

3 List some examples where your group/activity? Worked effectively?

My group would work more effectively by bringing more healthy foods such as salads and fruits, also bringing the right food at the right time because some people bought the foods they were not supposed to bring like someone bought rice krispies but that person did not even sign up for the food group.

4 On a scale to 1-5(highest), how would you rate your interactions between group members, the classroom community, and achieving a successful Halloween activity? Explain.

On the scale to 1-5 I think that the Halloween Party should be a four star because the party was great but the games and the room shouldn’t be that dark and the room should be more decorated than other parties like in the grade three party the classroom was very decorated and invited 9 class mums to scare the children and have just a few members just prepare for the Halloween Party and have 2 moms work for them than later 7 more mums come and join the party.


Grade One Buddy

I’m having a pretty good time with my buddy from grade one we were talking a photo and posting t on our blogs for others to see.

My learning buddy is in the orca house and he is 6 and a half years old. He also plays some video games and does matheletics at home, this buddy was quite good but also deleting Wenjun’s and my slides six times