PYPX Journal Cover

Today in class we made PYPX journal covers. our cover needs to have, our central idea, symbols of our exhibition topic, the CDNIS logo, your name, and the key concepts but the key concepts are optional. We had to make a cover related to our exhibition. My topic was subdivided flats so my symbols were related to houses.

I had 3 key concepts. Change, Form, and Causation. With those 3 concepts, we had to make a line of inquiry. My first line of inquiry that was related to change was “an inquiry into how living in a subdivided flat can lead to change. (lifestyle)”, my second line of inquiry that was related to form was “an inquiry on focusing what a subdivided flat is.”,  And my last line of inquiry that was related to Causation was “an inquiry on the causes of getting into a subdivided flat.”.

I think that making my cover and making thelines of inquiry was fun! I got to do new things and make new things. but one thing i can improve on is to finish on time because i finished my line of inquiry a little late but overall i think i did well.


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