PYPX Journal Cover

Today in class we made PYPX journal covers. our cover needs to have, our central idea, symbols of our exhibition topic, the CDNIS logo, your name, and the key concepts but the key concepts are optional. We had to make a cover related to our exhibition. My topic was subdivided flats so my symbols were related to houses.

I had 3 key concepts. Change, Form, and Causation. With those 3 concepts, we had to make a line of inquiry. My first line of inquiry that was related to change was “an inquiry into how living in a subdivided flat can lead to change. (lifestyle)”, my second line of inquiry that was related to form was “an inquiry on focusing what a subdivided flat is.”,  And my last line of inquiry that was related to Causation was “an inquiry on the causes of getting into a subdivided flat.”.

I think that making my cover and making thelines of inquiry was fun! I got to do new things and make new things. but one thing i can improve on is to finish on time because i finished my line of inquiry a little late but overall i think i did well.


STP Simulation

During this week we started a new unit and our teachers decided to do a simulation related to our unit to us. The simulation was that the teachers decided to separate our space on the pitch by classes. We didn’t know about this simulation, so we were a bit surprised and maybe a little bit mad.

Since we only had a limited amount of space, most of us were just sitting down and other people were maybe just playing a mini-game. I played with my friends and although I found it a bit disturbing that I couldn’t play with the people that I usually play with that aren’t in my class, I found it a bit fun. I found it fun because I got to spend time with people that I don’t play with. Some negative things that happened was that people were protesting and shouting about it. The good thing was that most people were spending time with people in their class or people they don’t talk with. Some things I learned were that freedom is essential to everyone and everyone has rights and responsibilities.

I thought that this was a fun learning experiment. we should also be thankful for what we have. All we missed was a little bit of recess time. If we had to do this again then I wouldn’t mind because I like to spend time with people in my class other than spending time with the people I see and talk to everyday.

Place Value Poster

At school, we have started a place value poster. The purpose is to develop an understanding of place value and powers of 10 we had to measure our height and find out what was ten, a hundred and a thousand times bigger than us and what was a tenth, a hundredth and a thousandth of us. 

It was pretty hard and challenging, but it was fun because I got to learn more new things. I thought that figuring out what was a tenth, a hundredth and a thousandth of me was pretty challenging because I get very confused with calculating it. But in the end, I figured it out and I finished it.

I feel like that this was a fun math challenge and I would do something like this again.

Goals for Grade 6

I think that since its a new year I should have a new goal. One of my goals is to read at least 1-3 various types of books with different genres but mostly SciFi or comedy books. My other goal is to manage my time well in class and at home.

For my first goal, my plan on how to reach it is to use a google form we made in class and keep track, I can read during my free time at school or outside of school. I know that I have reached my goal once I’m reading books at least everyday.

For my second goal, I think that how I can work on my time management is to finish my classwork at home and at school on time so I can have more free time. I know that I have reached the goal if I start to hand in my classwork and home learning on time also when im not rushing to get things done quickly.

I think that I can reach this goal if I do this every day, I hope that I will reach this goal.

Scientific Experiment

during this experiment, I wanted to find out how will the slime be effected since we’re using two different types of activators? so i decided to try it out.

the result:

I think that this was a physical change. I thought that this is a physical change because in this experiment you will have to mix a lot like when you make your activator and your glue.

My hypothesis was correct

one of the slimes will be a bit stiffer and the other one will be softer.” 

The slime made with borax was softer and the slime that was activated with contact lens solution and baking soda was very stiff. I think that the slime activated with contact lens solution and baking soda was stiffer because we had to use baking soda. I don’t know the real reason why it’s stiff but I think that baking soda is the reason why. I think with this information I will make slime with borax because the result is better than the other one.

Some things that went well in this experiment was that we were really focused on making it and observing what happened. I think the procedure wasn’t well followed because when we added the activator we added a bunch until it was enough and I don’t think that was a good idea. 

I think that we should’ve had a written amount of activator to put into the mixture. Some things that happened that may have affected the result was after we were done making it some of our classmates asked if they could touch it and I think that that affected it. Something that we could improve next time should be making the procedure more exact and we should maybe take more pictures while we make it. But overall I think we did well.


home learning

This week for home learning I did, reading a variety of genres, algebraic equations and experimenting part two.

I am going to focus on one home learning I did this week, and it’s going to be experimenting-part two. experimenting part two was observing what would happen if we add food coloring into hot water, cold water, and room temperature water. During this Experiment, I figured that somehow the temperature of the water would affect the food coloring like I thought that if the water was hotter than the color would be clearer. And if you added cold water I thought that the cold water would make the food coloring spread everywhere. Some things I noticed were that when we poured in hot water there was steam and when we added cold water, the cup went very moist.

The results were a bit unexpected because I thought that if you added food coloring into the water that was hotter then it would be clearer and if the water was colder then the whole cup would be filled with food coloring but instead, it did the opposite. The cup with hot water was spread around with food coloring and the cup with cold water didn’t look that different. I realized why they reacted like this because warm water has more energy than cold water, which means that molecules in warm water moves faster than molecules in cold water. The food coloring you add to the water is pushed around by the water molecules.

I really enjoyed this home learning project because I got to learn more about molecules and how they react with different temperatures of water.


Scientific Method

I think during this science experiment, we made lava lamps and it was really fun and interesting. the ingredients we needed was water, oil, food coloring, and an Alka-seltzer. The steps were to first gather your ingredients, get a cup, add water into the oil cup, then add the food coloring and then add the Alka-seltzer tablet. You should also observe what happens during and between the steps. Some observations I saw were that the oil doesn’t mix in with the water,  there’s like a layer between them, the food coloring isn’t mixing into the water. It stays in the oil layer I learned that while making the lave lamp that you should observe more to understand it. The Alka-Seltzer gave it a chemical change. There was also a physical change too it. Since the food coloring didn’t go down we had to stir.

If I could do this again then I think I would observe more and maybe try adding different substances.



During the second week of school we worked on our passions and created it into a product. My product is a poster and my topic is pollution in the ocean.

I chose this topic because i think that pollution in the ocean is a big problem in our world. I think its a big problem in our world because more than %50 of our world is water and people keep polluting it!!

So i made this poster to spread awareness and to show what is happening in out world so we can not only help and change, but also to spread awareness.



In grade 5 we learned how to use circuits, like how to make lights. To make a lightbulb light up you will need a battery holder, 2 batteries, a lightbulb-holder, a lightbulb, and some wires. so first you will have to put the batteries into the battery holder, then you will have to connect the wires from the battery holder to the lightbulb holder which has the lightbulb on it, and after that, your lightbulb will light up.

The reason why it works is that the electrons from the batteries flow through the wires which flow all the way to the lightbulb. And the only reason why it wouldn’t work is if you didn’t connect the wires properly or if the batteries have run out. some challenges I have faced while working on my circuits are getting confused with the wires and maybe getting the lightbulb to work. but I solved my problems by not giving up and trying again.

I thought that this unit was really fun because we could make our own design and add lightbulbs on it. If i could do this again I would do it.




我叫周彦知。我今年十岁。我是一个五年级的女孩。三月七日是我的生日。我身高142厘米,所以我觉得我长得矮。我性格友好和安静。友好是因为我喜欢帮助我的同学,安静是因为我有时候很害羞。我的家有五口人。他们是爸爸,妈妈,妹妹,姐姐和我。我两岁的时候我的妹妹出生了。我的妹妹比我高。我有四个好朋友,两个住在香港和两个住在韩国。他们是 Lily, Annabel, Yun Suh 和 Ji Young。我有三只宠物,它们是仓鼠,两个是女孩,一个是男孩。他们又胖又可爱。 他们跑得很快。我有六个爱好:画画,游泳,书法,体操和听音乐。


My name is Rachael. I am ten years old this year. I am a fifth-grade girl. March 7th is my birthday. My height is 142 cm, so I think I am short. I am friendly and quiet. Friendly because I like to help my classmates, quiet because I am sometimes shy. There are five people in my family. They are father, mother, sister, sister and me. My younger sister was born when I was two years old. My older sister is taller than me. I have four good friends, two living in Hong Kong and two living in South Korea. They are Lily, Annabel, Yun Suh, and Ji Young. I have three pets, they are hamsters, two are girls, and one is a boy. They are fat and cute. They ran very fast. I have six hobbies: painting, swimming, calligraphy, gymnastics and listening to music.