WWPT Chinese Unit Reflection

中心思想 Central Idea
长期以来, 经济活动影响本地和全球社区。
Throughout time, economic activities have impacted local and global communities

以前的经济活动是: 信,面对面的交流,莫尔斯电码,信使/亚军,书。。。


经济活动对我/家人的影响是 (交流的方法):以前,人们会用一个人传话给另一个人,很不可靠。现在,随时随地都可以看新闻和网上报纸。现在,新闻可以很容易改变人们的想法。

English short summary
In the olden days, people used mail (autocorrect doesn’t even recognize the word mail), runners, messengers, books… while today we use wechat, twitter, facebook, weibo, email, the news, online newspapers articles… so the effect on me and my family is that I don’t have to wait 2 months to ask my mom what’s for dinner I can just pull out a phone and call. Another side on this is
the fact that social media can be used to spread propaganda and promote ideas which will be read by billions of people and also distances us from one and another.