weekly blog post 8/09/17

Weekly blog post

During the week, we endured a lot of assessments and activities. For example, we did the map test and math checkpoint. The map test has 3 different sections, reading, math and language/writing. We did the test over the course of 3 days with reading first and writing last. In math, we learned about equations, integers, input output machines and divisibility rules. For the math checkpoint, it occurred on the 6th and there is going to be an end of unit test on the 11th. In addition, we created a video for curriculum night to show our parents around the classroom. I, Brent and Hadrian was in charge of the class name and the door. Other jobs include mindfulness, decoration, class jobs, UOI, grateful board, thinking model… Also, we started book club by meeting our groups 3 times a week. In addition, roots and shoots started today at lunch with most of my friends going. During literacy, we extended our knowledge on memoirs and by understanding what are the properties of a memoir.