HWEO Chinese Unit Reflection

How We Express Ourselves unit reflection


During class, we learnt about different types of Chinese arts including Peking opera, kung-fu, tai chi and Chinese painting and pottery. Some artists develop their knowledge and skills by finding teachers who are experts in this field already, or others learn the ways of the art by themselves and practice daily.

First three weeks at CDNIS (what are we doing)

Hello my name is Shunkiu and this is my first year at CDNIS Hong Kong. The first three weeks of school I learnt about math, performing arts, art, P.E and also english. In math we learnt about place value up to billions trillions. We also did a test to see where we are at. In performing arts  we played musical games such as clapping to the notes and performing without speech. Also in art we drew our front covers of our drawing books and painted artist themed pictures.  In P.E we are learning about racket sports like and ping pong. In english we practiced typing and did a test to test our limits. I had a lot of fun in these 3 weeks!