Refelection of the Young Americans workshop/experience

Name:  Shunkiu

Class:  6A

Dear Young Americans,

Over my time spent at this workshop with you, you have encouraged me to be more risk-taking and open minded! This is a surprise to me because performing arts is one of the subjects that makes me feel nervous, scared, afraid due to the fact that just looking at the sheer number of people watching in the crowd frightened me so much I normally refuse to even go near the stage! Before you guys came to hong kong, my teacher kept on talking and talking about how amazing the young Americans are and I’m just like come on there not THAT amazing. But now after the workshop, this is me: “man they are THAT good”.

My highlight of the experience/workshop is learning all the dances. Usually, I do not, would not and could not dance, but during the workshop, I for once enjoy dancing, singing …  what could have been better was the break’s, most of us were extremely tired and the breaks are so short! But who cares more time with the young Americans and more time to dance and sing!