Design Medallion Process

The process of creating this medallion started off with the planning stage. I was required to find or create two medallion designs that used words, shapes and different power settings on the laser cutter. After coming up with two designs, we had to choose one for our final project, this one had to be traced in colour to indicate what power setting is used for what shapes. Finally, we would proceed to go on illustrator and using a scanned version of the plan, create the medallion.

10 Million Dollar Cup Challenge (Design)

During design, we were challenged to create a adhesives free paper cup for Starbucks to stop the mass amount of plastics being thrown away and wasted because they didn’t have an economical and practical solution.

My first design ( second photo ) was the result of me testing out different folds to see what could make a space which could carry liquid. As you can see it was not very effective because the front side is not high enough and the “cup” could not stand without spilling a significant amount of it’s liquid.

After repeated tries to solve this problem, I opted to find another option which was sturdier and could stand up by itself. My solution is ( as shown in the first photo ) is a box. The multiple layers covering the bottom provides extra layers of shielding for the water from soaking through while stacking this design on top of each other could create a barrier to stop the liquid from penetrating the box.