My Instrument Choice


This YouTube video teaches how to take a saxophone out of the case and assemble it.

This describes how a professional would achieve his/her rite of passage and how using a saxophone alongside other instruments, jazz music creates a feeling of home. The main explanation starts at 3:04.

I would like to play something like to play something like the second or third one this video.

This video teaches the viewer how to play the saxophone (mouth positioning and blowing movements, keys)

The video here shows how to clean the saxophone.


Science Structures And Forces Unit Summative Assessment Criterion B And C Summary

The Natural world affects us in many ways -good and bad- including things like gravity which keeps us on the floor and prevents us, and our objects from floating around like headless chickens. But like all good things, nature as a bad side as well, these things include hurricanes which obviously destroy building and bridges. Things like tsunamis and earthquakes also contributed to the destruction of many structures.

Doing experiments can test the dangers of the natural environment and what damage they will inflict on different structures. Once we know what the environment can do, we can create structures that counteract the power of nature. Essentially, the more we know about the dangers of the world, the more we can do to defend against them.

We created a test which shows which height of I-Beam (5cm, 10cm, 15cm) can stand up to a significant amount of wind and weight for 30 seconds. There results of the test shows that the 5cm I-Beam is the most effective due to the fact that since it’s profile is so small, the wind is not able to use all it’s power on it. Also, the weight is more stable when the weakness (the long stick in the middle) is less exposed to the elements.

We first did a trial run of the experiment to figure out all the problems and details that we didn’t specify in the Criterion B method section. We improved our test as we went on so once we completed the first trial, we had a good idea of how we wanted our experiment to look. I researched about different ways wind and weight can affect a structure and how people now are counteracting them. Since me and Roger’s experiments were very similar, with us both using the same I-Beam, we took turns in testing/using the I-Beam. When I was testing, he was improving his method. When he was testing, I was recording the data and writing up extra notes.

中文 Unit 1 Reflection 和十个句子













Design Logo Feedback

Q1: How can I make my logo more timeless, memorable…

Q2: Should I add anything to my logo? If yes, then what?

Q3: What should I change the font of my name to?

My logo was successful because I could split the circle into two to only colour one side (to provide contrast). Also having the colour differentiate from one other make it symmetrical. My logo successfully represents me as a person and my skills and interests.

To improve my logo I could have a wider range of colour for my logo as it only contains black and white. In addition to that, I can make the proportions of the rooks more like the real ones like the ones I have now are a little tall and thin. Also, my circle around the shapes are little small therefore making the whole logo look a lot more squished. Finally, the text could be placed in a better position after the circle is widened.

Unité 1 – Parlez-vous-français

Unité 1 – Parlez-vous-français

How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?                                  The alphabet that both languages use are similar so therefore, I can guess the meaning of certain words.

How can I introduce myself in French?                                                                               I can introduce myself in French by talking about the following

  • How are you feeling?
  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your birthday?
  • Where do you live?
  • What is your nationality?

How are languages linked to one another?                                                                        Languages are linked through colonisation, occupation and trade. Such as in the case of Philippines, colonisation by Portugal and trade with China has had enormous effects on its language.

Does learning a new language make your mother tongue stronger?                   I don’t think learning French will make my mother tongue stronger because Cantonese is vastly different from French with the written and spoken form being more complex.

Link to summative audio clip

10 Million Dollar Cup Challenge (Design)

During design, we were challenged to create a adhesives free paper cup for Starbucks to stop the mass amount of plastics being thrown away and wasted because they didn’t have an economical and practical solution.

My first design ( second photo ) was the result of me testing out different folds to see what could make a space which could carry liquid. As you can see it was not very effective because the front side is not high enough and the “cup” could not stand without spilling a significant amount of it’s liquid.

After repeated tries to solve this problem, I opted to find another option which was sturdier and could stand up by itself. My solution is ( as shown in the first photo ) is a box. The multiple layers covering the bottom provides extra layers of shielding for the water from soaking through while stacking this design on top of each other could create a barrier to stop the liquid from penetrating the box.

HWEO Chinese Unit Reflection

How We Express Ourselves unit reflection


During class, we learnt about different types of Chinese arts including Peking opera, kung-fu, tai chi and Chinese painting and pottery. Some artists develop their knowledge and skills by finding teachers who are experts in this field already, or others learn the ways of the art by themselves and practice daily.

WWA Chinese Unit Reflection

Central Idea:

Developing self-awareness can build character and healthy relationships


WWPT Chinese Unit Reflection

中心思想 Central Idea
长期以来, 经济活动影响本地和全球社区。
Throughout time, economic activities have impacted local and global communities

以前的经济活动是: 信,面对面的交流,莫尔斯电码,信使/亚军,书。。。


经济活动对我/家人的影响是 (交流的方法):以前,人们会用一个人传话给另一个人,很不可靠。现在,随时随地都可以看新闻和网上报纸。现在,新闻可以很容易改变人们的想法。

English short summary
In the olden days, people used mail (autocorrect doesn’t even recognize the word mail), runners, messengers, books… while today we use wechat, twitter, facebook, weibo, email, the news, online newspapers articles… so the effect on me and my family is that I don’t have to wait 2 months to ask my mom what’s for dinner I can just pull out a phone and call. Another side on this is
the fact that social media can be used to spread propaganda and promote ideas which will be read by billions of people and also distances us from one and another.

Refelection of the Young Americans workshop/experience

Name:  Shunkiu

Class:  6A

Dear Young Americans,

Over my time spent at this workshop with you, you have encouraged me to be more risk-taking and open minded! This is a surprise to me because performing arts is one of the subjects that makes me feel nervous, scared, afraid due to the fact that just looking at the sheer number of people watching in the crowd frightened me so much I normally refuse to even go near the stage! Before you guys came to hong kong, my teacher kept on talking and talking about how amazing the young Americans are and I’m just like come on there not THAT amazing. But now after the workshop, this is me: “man they are THAT good”.

My highlight of the experience/workshop is learning all the dances. Usually, I do not, would not and could not dance, but during the workshop, I for once enjoy dancing, singing …  what could have been better was the break’s, most of us were extremely tired and the breaks are so short! But who cares more time with the young Americans and more time to dance and sing!