HWOO summative process report

in this post, I will be explaining our summative and our process through the design thinking model throughout the last few weeks of HWOO. on the empathise stage, we needed to empathise with the 3 stakeholders and see what the pains and gains of our system. during the define stage, we needed to figure out what was our problem and what was the problem statement. Next, during the ideate stage, we used an ideate planner to list out all of the possible ideas that we could find. in the prototype stage, we created a cardboard version of the main object to see if the if it will work. finally, we managed to create a half working hourglass machine even though we suffered from leakage problems, system malfunctions and the list goes on. the link for my full report:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ubTZKuBlDbzy7_Y6fXkSoLHA50QFqsEfNFqJZf0k0ms/edit

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