Project Genesis

Criterion Di
Explain the step by step process of this assignment…
First, you have to choose at least four songs for the mashup. Then, you have to download them from the internet. Thirdly, you have to upload these songs to GarageBand. Fourthly, you have to match the beat to the song and enable flex. Repeat step three and four for all songs. Set a tempo for your mashup that works for all the songs (they sound decent in that tempo). Next, you should choose a song you start the song with (as the introduction). Mashup the four songs to your liking. Make sure the transitions are smooth and it all sounds like one song (not four songs pieced together randomly). Choose an ending and make sure its smooth. Listen to the mashup as a whole and make sure it sounds good and you are satisfied with it. Then download it to your laptop. Upload your song onto your blog with the tags Genesis and Music. Copy the link to that post and upload to Google Classroom. Hand your assignment in. Ask for feedback from classmates on your song and ask for them to comment on your post.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal…
My first criteria was that my mashup had to flow smoothly. My mashup flows relatively smoothly but it could have been better. Some transitions were smooth while other sounded kind of weird. The sound sounded like it popped out of no where. My second criteria was that my mashup had to sound good. I think my mashup met this criteria. It sounds decent and I wouldn’t mind listening to it. The mashup doesn’t sound bad considering I had no idea how to make a mashup before this project. My third criteria was that the songs had to go together well. Three of my four songs had the same mood but the fourth one had an almost completely different mood. It was slightly harder to make the song sound good with this. But overall the songs all came together nicely and it didn’t sound to bad. My fourth (and final) criteria was that my song had to have a good timing and beat. I followed the tutorial on google classroom for good timing and beats so I did everything (enable flex, match tempo and beats). All my songs match the tempo and the beats are decent.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
Overall, this was a great learning experience. Never have I thought of making my own mashup and now I have. I learned how to use Enable Flex and how to match tempo and pitch. I didn’t know about this before and I thought it was pretty cool how you could change the tempo and the song would match the beat. I reviewed other skills I had acquired from previous projects such as looping, drums, cutting (command t), how to adjust the volume, and how to download songs from the internet.


What challenges did you face and overcome.
One of the challenges I faced were not knowing how to start. I didn’t really know what songs to choose either, so I chose songs that I liked. I didn’t really think about the pitch, instruments, and such of the songs, so they were not very similar and harder to create a mashup. The two songs also had two vastly different tempos, one was quite slow while the other was fast. I realized a little too late that I should have chosen my songs better. But in the end my song turned out fine.


Here is my mashup:

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