Science Unit 1: Credible Scientist

In the past 2 months we have been learning about the unit Credible Scientist. We performed a total of 3 experiments, which included the Crazy Galleon, the Bungee Barbie, and the Paper Flyers.

The SOI (Statement of Inquiry)- It is the responsibility of the scientific community to use credible methods and evidence to explore relationships in our environment.

Through this unit, I learned a lot through research and the experiment. From the Bungee Barbie, I learned more about the physics of bungee jumping. My hypothesis was:”When the angle of release of the pendulum is higher, the pendulum will complete swings slower. If a pendulum is dropped at a low angle, there is less momentum, so therefore it does not swing as high or as far. It completes full swings faster as the swings are smaller. When you drop it at a high angle, there is more momentum and kinetic energy. The pendulum will swing farther and higher. This causes the full swings to be bigger in length, which means it takes longer to complete a full swing.” I had to consider the physics and rely on information I already knew. The independent variable was the angle of release, the dependent was how long the swings were. I had to think about how the independent variable would effect the dependent variable. 

In order to make sure our data was reliable, we had to use methods during our experiment. We had to collect data for evidence to prove our points. We had to study the relationships between the independent and dependent variables. This was helping us become more credible scientists.

Overall, this unit has helped me become a better and more credible scientist.

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