Science Unit 1: Credible Scientist

In the past 2 months we have been learning about the unit Credible Scientist. We performed a total of 3 experiments, which included the Crazy Galleon, the Bungee Barbie, and the Paper Flyers.

The SOI (Statement of Inquiry)- It is the responsibility of the scientific community to use credible methods and evidence to explore relationships in our environment.

Through this unit, I learned a lot through research and the experiment. From the Bungee Barbie, I learned more about the physics of bungee jumping. My hypothesis was:”When the angle of release of the pendulum is higher, the pendulum will complete swings slower. If a pendulum is dropped at a low angle, there is less momentum, so therefore it does not swing as high or as far. It completes full swings faster as the swings are smaller. When you drop it at a high angle, there is more momentum and kinetic energy. The pendulum will swing farther and higher. This causes the full swings to be bigger in length, which means it takes longer to complete a full swing.” I had to consider the physics and rely on information I already knew. The independent variable was the angle of release, the dependent was how long the swings were. I had to think about how the independent variable would effect the dependent variable. 

In order to make sure our data was reliable, we had to use methods during our experiment. We had to collect data for evidence to prove our points. We had to study the relationships between the independent and dependent variables. This was helping us become more credible scientists.

Overall, this unit has helped me become a better and more credible scientist.

Gr7 SCIENCE this year

We had the units ‘Chemistry’, ‘Structures and Forces’, ‘Heat Transfer’, and ‘Ecosystems’ this year. It has been a successful year!

Something that I learned that sparked my interest included:                                 -Ecosystems                                                                                                                                  -How to find the center of gravity

Why I found it interesting:

First of all, I am interested in animals. Ecosystems is related to animals. So this was a interesting unit for me. Before, I didn’t really know a lot about center of gravity, and knowing how to balance something on your finger was just really cool.

Some other questions I would like to explore:

How does cystic fibrosis effect your lungs?

Do plants have feelings?

G7 Ukulele Song – Your Choice

For this project I played the song Cups.

Something that was the same compared to the original song:
-The pitch was the same as I did not transpose the chords
I did this because that means I can practice along with the song and not have to change pitches compared to the original
-Something else that was the same was that I also incorporated drums into the recording, which is also there in the original.

Something that was different was
-My song was a little slower as I am still a beginner to the ukulele so I do not want to go too fast otherwise I might make some mistakes
-The original song (Cups by Anna Kendrick) had different instruments (including the drums, and guitar, etc). My recording has a ukulele, drum, and a piano to go along with the singing.

Some ukulele skills I had to have
-Strumming (specific way to strum, eg thumb, index, thumb and index) I had to get used to strumming (even though I learned a little last year)
-Chords (for example, knowing the G chord, Am chord, etc) I had to get used to switching chords (eg G to Am)
-Strumming patterns (eg DDU UDU)I also had to get used to the strumming pattern, as I will make mistakes on either the strum pattern or the singing when I try to hard and get confused.
I had a little difficulty moving to the chord G, but after practice it became a lot easier.

Garageband, editing, digital instrument, drum use…                                        Using the digital instrument was new for this project, but for the drums, I had used it before in the previous ukulele project.
Drums are not too hard, as I simply had to select the a drummer and choose the complexity, etc.
Digital instrument was not very hard as I simply had to press the chord names (eg C, G, Am) on the piano and all of the notes were labeled in a document.

Time management wise this project was not good. I had practiced my song a lot so I knew it pretty well, but I didn’t manage the recording part of the project well and I kind of had to rush it. Next time perhaps I will learn from my mistake and plan my time better.
The time management excluding the recording was pretty good as I learned the song quickly and the chords were not very hard.

I think my independent learning overall is ok, but this time was not that great. Next time I should check the due date and plan everything beforehand and make sure everything is done the day before the deadline.
My independent learning of learning the song was pretty good as I knew the song beforehand and simply had to incorporate the ukulele into the song.

To wrap up, this has been a good project and I learned and refreshed on a lot of skills and it has been fun.


Here is the recording of my playing:

PS i cant sing

Grade 7 It’s Uke to Me

The song that I chose for this assignment was Amazing Grace. The key of my tune is C and the time signature of this song is 3/4, which means 3 beats per measure.

Some rhythms used in my song include the quarter note, the half note, the whole note, a dotted half note, and a few eighth notes. Most of the notes are either quarter notes are half notes.

For my melody my note accuracy was pretty good as I was able to play the whole melody without stopping in the recording, but I had to try a few times to perfect it. My rhythm accuracy was not as good as some notes that I played were either too short or too long.
My strumming was okay, but was not the best. The note accuracy was pretty good, but the rhythm accuracy could be improved.

Some ukulele skills I have acquired include learning the new chords (G7) as I have learned a little ukulele before. I also got a refresh on the old chords that I may have forgotten. Some other skills that I have acquired are strumming while singing as I would either mess up the singing or the strumming before.

My song is Amazing Grace, a rather solemn song, so I knew it was going to be a little slower. It is also a church song, so should not be rushed. I chose the tempo of 80, which is not too fast but a little slower.

My melody’s rhythm was not always on time, so I had to cut some of the recording when a note was either too long or too short. I had to trim when it got too long and cut when it was too short and extend it.

The recording process was pretty smooth until it got to the singing. For the strumming, everything was pretty good and I was able to record it quickly. For the melody, it was accidentally deleted once, but it was rerecorded. For the singing, it was also accidentally deleted, and  Garageband was not able to pick up any sound for me to record.

Another problem I encountered was time management. I had everything done recording on the first day, but afterwards had more problems which led me to redoing some things and squeezing in the time I had left. Next time, I will plan my time more efficiently so I will not be as rushed.

Overall, this has been a good learning process and I am looking forward to improving in the future.

Here is a recording:

Grade 7 Robotics Challenge

This week, the whole grade 7 took part of the Grade 7 Robotics Challenge.  We were to make a robot with a moving clamp that had the measurements of 14(length) cm by 14(width) cm. We could also be innovative and add things to the robot.  At the end of the week, we would have a competition between classes and to win prizes.

The Robotics Challenge was actually a lot funner than I thought it would be. It was quite fun to assemble the robot and to control the robot. I think my group did excellent teamwork and we had fun along the way. We had several problems but we managed to fix it in the end.

My group (Nychole and Natalie) assembled this robot

The robot’s name is Festus.

Overall, this was a great week and I had great fun!


Science Structures and Forces Unit

How does the natural world affect us? For example, typhoons and gravity. 

    The natural world affects us in many ways. It affects our everyday lives. For example, gravity makes us stay firm on the ground. It makes us fall and scrape our knees when we trip. 🙂 When there is a Typhoon 10, we cannot go to school. We have to stay inside and tape our windows. When it rains, we have to wear rain boots and bring umbrellas. When it’s sunny we can wear sunglasses! When hurricanes hit, some houses may be destroyed or even flooded. The number of trees in our area can affect how clean the air around us is.

How do we use scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between the natural world and us?

We can study the world around us and think about how this affects us through our daily lives. We can conduct experiments to help us satisfy our curiosity and find out about new things.

How did you use science? What did you learn? What experiments or tests did you design?

We used science through our experiments to find out the answer to our research question. I learned that triangles are indeed the strongest shape. Some experiments/tests we designed are the structures one where my partner and I designed a bridge with differently shaped piers to see which shape would be able to withstand more weight.

How did you improve as a learner?

Something I improved on as a learner is working to collaborate with other people. I had to work well with my partner and make sure we did everything efficiently. We were actually falling behind a little bit and we had to come in during lunch to keep doing it. Eventually, we finished it on time and we got everything done. I learned that we have to manage our time really well and to be clear on what we have to do before we start. (As we had to do three trials for each shape, we only made one deck but we were supposed to make nine).


Overall, I think this has been a good unit of science and I learned a lot about structures and forces.


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