Weekly Reflection

This week, we reflected with the color, symbol, image organiser. For the color, I chose a muted blue because I think it looks really calm and cool, and that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this week. We’ve been trying out the Own Plan schedule, and it really helps me with my learning. We get an empty schedule and a list of things that we must have completed by the end of this week. I really love it because I think it gives me a lot more flexibility over my learning, since some things take longer for me while others I do pretty quickly. Instead of having to rush, I could finish everything well. Then there’s the symbol. I drew this sort of confused, unsure emoji, because the work load this week was really heavy and most of them were also really hard. Finding a balance in my time turned out to be harder than I expected. To finish it all of, I drew a picture of a girl who’s having a hard time deciding whether she should do the hard things first or procrastinate and keep her focus only on the things she likes. This week, I’ve been feeling a lot like her. Sometimes I would do a really good job on staying on task, while other times I’d just focus on what I like to do. I want to do better next week.

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