Weekly Reflection (Week 6)

The sixth week flew by in the blink of an eye, engraving a few amazing memories in my mind. As always, a special event became the showstopper. This week, house day came and it was the funnest thing that happened since the start of the second month. On Friday the 27th of September, the entire lower school came together to celebrate this special event. Bracelet making, face painting and tug of war are only some of the many entertaining activities we got to take part in. The grade 6’s started their day with prep buddies, and it was a ton of fun. Activities like obstacle courses and colouring brought everyone closer together. By the end of the 2 periods, we were all sad to say goodbye. Aside from all the fun we had on house day, finally being able to conduct the science experiments we’ve been planning so long for was also a lot of people’s favourite memory. My group and I tested out the salt and ice experiment, where we put 3 different types of salt onto ice cubes. The changes we were looking for were temperature and it’s current state of matter. We shook each bag of ice and salt for 5 minutes, taking note of the changes that occurred every minute. These are the highlights of my week. If you’re from my grade, I hope you had just as much fun as I did!

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