Weekly Reflection (Week 5)

During this week, so much has happened. Everything has went by so quick that I can hardly remember anything, but I do want to share the little that I do. One of the showstoppers this week was definitely the international library day. In our school, families from all around the world came and set up booths for us to visit and learn more about the traditions in their country. Some things I learned was: Mahatma Gandhi won the noble peace prize, and Japanese architecture was mostly influenced by the traditional style of Chinese palaces. Aside from the fair, we’ve been having tons of fun in class as well. We conducted a experiment, looking in on the speed food colouring dissolves in water of different temperature. My group and I learned that the ice cubes in the cold water locks in the molecules in the food colouring, causing it to take up to 8 minutes to completely dissolve. On the other hand, hot water relaxes the molecules causing it to spread out and mix in in only a minute. Learning this has widened my knowledge and it will be important to me since I will have a better understanding of how molecules work. Matter and molecules are full of wonder, and I’d love to learn and conduct more related experiments in the future!

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