Monthly Reflection

Throughout the first few weeks of school, so much has happened. I’ve met a lot of new people, and learned so much about math, language and science. The unit that we’ve been focusing on is How the world works. During this unit, we inquired into science experiments and conducted a few of our own. We also had lessons that widened our knowledge about matter. Matter is all around us. Everything you could smell and touch is a type of matter. Even some that you can not could be! There are four main types of matter: liquid, gas, plasma, and solid. Liquid, such as water, gas, such as smoke and air, plasma, such as light, and solid, such as your furniture, books, pencils – anything that you could hold in your hands. Some things could even transform from one type of matter to another with the correct temperature requirements! Like how a ice cube melts in your mouth – it’s transforming back into liquid because the heat from your body is warming up the ice and increasing the temperature surrounding it. Another example could be butter, how its a solid when you take it out of your fridge, but slowly softens into a liquid as you heat it up. Those are just some examples of them – there are tonnes more!  Although I wasn’t as interested in science before, I’m really starting to change my mind as we learn more!

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