Young Americans Reflection

This week, the Young Americans came to our school to teach us about performing arts. This experience made a really big difference to me, because now I am actually starting to dance and sing with confidence, which I didn’t have before. On the first day, everyone was kind of unsure if they’d want to do it, because most of us were all really shy and nervous about performing on stage, and maybe you’d even have to do it by yourself. But after they’ve introduced themselves and started to teach use how to dance and sing, everyone was starting to feel less scared and more excited. Some people even got to do parts by themselves! By the second day, no one was anxious or scared, instead everyone was having so much fun and were all really excited for the show. One thing that I got that was really different from most people was that I got a solo part in the performance, which means that I get to sing a short verse from a song by myself. It was really hard, but I learned a lot from it. I learned how to properly perform on stage, and gained confidence from it.

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