Charity Challenge Reflection

This year, we had an event called charity challenge. Me and my group helped to raise awareness about the organization Women Helping Women. We first wrote a pitch, and everyone  got to donate 20 dollars or more to the different charities. After that, we moved on to making digital thank you and invitation cards for our charity. Our cards turned out detailed and colourful, and we even made a few party bag goodies like word searches and mazes.

 I think my group and I did a really good job on our products, and we were the first ones to get approved. Even though we didn’t always have the same ideas, we still worked together pretty well. I helped work on the thank you cards. I used contrast because I put deep colours on light ones, and it really made the message stand out. I also used repetition and alignment because I arranged the same shapes in a way to look good.  

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