My S.M.A.R.T Goals Reflection

Back in October, I set a few goals to help me improve. Now, I will be looking back at the goals I set before, seeing if I’ve improved, and setting new ones. My first goal was to manage my time better, both in class and at home. I definitely think that I’ve improved a lot because now I’m starting to make a monthly plan and do my daily online practices. I want to keep this goal because there is still a lot that I could improve on. My second goal is to be a more active learner and participate more in class discussions(Raising my hand more, answering questions. For this goal, I don’t think I did as well as I did on the last one. It started out ok, but after the October holiday, I started to forget it. I don’t really want to keep this goal, because I don’t think this is as important. My third goal is to stay on task. Like before, it started out good, but then I always get distracted by my friends, so sometimes I don’t even have time to finish my work. This goal is really important so I want to keep on doing it.






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