My S.M.A.R.T Goals

Here are some areas that I can improve on. We set Smart goals because we want to measure how much we had improved by the end of the semester.  My first goal is to manage my time better. I will achieve this by:   -Making a organized schedule -Checking my agenda daily and recording the things that I need to remember. My second goal is being a more active learner in class and raising my hands more often to share my ideas. I will achieve this by: -Making eye contact with the teacher -Doing more activities that include talking to the class, like presenting my Home Learning and doing Morning Meetings -Raising my hand at least three times before lunch and four times in the afternoon.  My third goal is staying on task. I will achieve this by:  -Having less unfinished homework, so I won’t get distracted trying to do it in class -Stay away with people who annoy me and talk too much  -Listen to the instructions carefully so I’ll know what to do and not ask other people. My Fourth goal is to improve my math skills. I will achieve this by: Keeping track of what activities and homework I need to finish  –  Practice with an adult at home -Do more online math activities. My Last goal is to listen without distractions. I will achieve this by: -Sitting in a place where the teacher can see me during class discussions -Don’t sit with distracting groups or friends that I might want to talk to.

These are my smart goals. I will try to keep track of how I did on these goals and share about it by the end of the semester.

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