Our unit in math so far is “patterns”, in math we learned about many patterns such as the hailstone pattern, the raindrop pattern, brail, morse code and many more. We learned how to find the rules in patterns and how to graph patterns, on Monday we are wrapping up this unit with an assessment then moving on to the next math unit.

Egg Suck

Last week we did an experiment on Thursday and it was the egg suck experiment, the one where you put a hard-boiled egg on a bottle and a match inside of the bottle. When we did the test there was another bottle where we put boiled water inside. But it didn’t suck. Only the one with the match sucked the egg after we put in one that didn’t immediately extinguish. My hypothesis for the experiment was that the bottle with the match will suck up the egg and the one with the boiled water won’t suck the egg. In the end, my hypothesis was right and the bottle with the match sucked the egg and the one with the boiling water did not suck the egg.

Grade 6

These first few weeks of school went by fast. Well, time flies by when you’re having fun. The class name is a weird one (6c chick fil a) but it’s funny considering last year’s name was 6c chubby chicken so we went from the farm to the plate. I still go to the 5th-grade side corridor and i miss my old class. I’m worried about the pyp exhibition but this is the last year until we reach upper school.