Blog Post about HTWW unit

Last week, we did Matter Rotations. Matter Rotations are activities that are related to Science and Matter. We each can sign up for three rotations. My favorite is baking chocolate chip cookies with Ms. Khory and Ms. Costa. The purpose of making the cookies are for us to see the chemical and physical change in cookies.


I get to make the batter with materials that the teachers prepared and we get to watch it rise. We cut the chocolate into little pieces, added it to the batter, then we stirred it and made it into little balls to bake. That is chemical change because once the cookies are baked, it cannot go back to its batter form. I also learned that when liquids and solids are added together, it makes a mushy solid, but it is still solid.


We also experimented with different states of matter to see what will happen. One group used melted butter while the other group used unmelted butter. The state of matter changed a lot, but the cookie with melted butter is softer and chewier while the unmelted butter is harder and crunchier. 


What I learned: the cookies had a physical change when the ingredients are mixed together. I also learned that the cookies had a chemical change when it is baked. I wish I can make those cookies again because they are delicious.




Reflection on the first week of school

Last week is the first of a few days of school. I really enjoy getting to know new people, playing with friends, having fun, and reading from the library. 

What I am looking forward to in Grade 6 is having the Young Americans, camp, PYPX, and PE. Those are stuff that I like because I get to be active, have fun, and learn new things. I am nervous about tests, math, going away from home for 4 days and 3 nights (one more night than last year) Also, I am nervous about PYPX because I have never done something like that before, and I have to present in front of lots of people, so this is new and exciting. This is my reflection for the first week of school.

Grade 6 Who We Are – First Blog Post

For our PYPX project this year, we will be exploring our passions, interests, and issues that are important to us.



   I have a few passions. My passions are reading, badminton, and piano. I like badminton because I like being active with my family. Reading books are my favorite passion. I also enjoy piano music.



     I also have a few issues I care about. Issues that I care about are the recent protests, animal abuse, global warming, pollution,  and I want a peaceful world. I want animals from Antartica and the North Pole to stay alive and not have to struggle with global warming. Pollution is also an important thing, so I am aware of that.  Also, racism is a bad and disturbing thing, so I am very aware of that too.



    I have a few interests that I am interested in. My interests are music, animals, and culture.  I am interested in music because I like listening to it. Also, I am interested in animals because they are cute, adorable, and fun to play with. I am interested in culture because I think cultures are sometimes cool and interesting to explore.


Two goals I have for this year is :

  • Being organized and have a system to be organized because I am not that organized and I want to have a system to help me
  • Working through disappointment and being positive because I am not always positive and I want to be positive and work through disappointment


These are my passions, interests, issues, and goals that I am working on this year.

Highlights Of Grade 5 😭

Highlights Of Grade 5 😭

My favorite highlights of Grade 5 is Grade 5 camp. I like it because we get to know much more people and learn to be co-operative and confident. I also like the activities there, like kayaking, climbing activities, hiking, and playing teamwork games. I also enjoyed the food that they serve there. Some of the games I played is building the tallest tower with rocks with my partner. Another of my favorite highlights is going ice-skating at Mega box. I get to skate freely and I get to play with my friends on the ice and have fun! It is a very fun experience. 

My hopes for Grade 6 is that I will do good in the PYPX. I am excited about Grade 6 camp because the Grade 6 teachers told us that the camp will be fun and exciting. Also, the camp is 4 days and 3 nights and we have to sleep in tents for one night and dorms for two nights.

This will be the last Grade 5 post, so this will be my wrap up for Grade 5. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🙁 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:( 🙁 :(:(


How The World Works Reflection

How The World Works Reflection

In our new unit, How The World Works, we learned about lots of things. We learned about Static electricity, atoms, making observations, electrons, and made our own electromagnet!


We did experiments for static electricity. Such as water bender, Can can go, and bubble trouble. I really enjoyed Can can go because it is really fun and interesting.


We learned about atoms though BrainPop and a book about Electrons.


We made observations with plants. We send love to one plant and send hate to another. We also have a plant that we ignore.


My favorite experiment is the one that we made our own electromagnet. We started with a nail, wire, and a battery. Then, we wrapped the wire around the nail. After that, we connected the ends of the wire to the ends of the battery. Lastly, I used my new electromagnet to attract some paperclips. It worked.  

Where we are in place and time unit Reflection

Where we are in place and time unit Reflection

Before this unit, I used to think about how I can make good questions, but now I know how to make great questions using the question matrix. I was able to make great questions for my personal inquiry, the Romans. One of my questions is: “How did the Romans inventions shape their society?”. Also, before this unit, I used to think that the Egyptians were dumb, but now, I realize that they invented a lot of things and they are smart because they invented toothpaste and hieroglyphics.

I will change the group inquiry because I got a topic that I was not very interested in. I want to be able to choose my own topic in the group inquiry so I will enjoy what I research about.