Sounds of CDNIS Crit D and B

Describe the process of this assignment

During the process of this assignment, we first did a project where we had to create a song using the loops provided in GarageBand. This let us understand how to find and match loops to make it sound pleasing. The next task was a terminology assignment where we had to research about some given vocabulary related to digital music creating, which makes it easier for us to know what tools are in garage band and how to use them effectively. Furthermore, we were assigned to modify a song using loops and more, letting us get a hang of matching sounds. Lastly, we had to play a song using the garage bands digital instruments, having to add the chords, notes, a drum beat, and singing. It was mainly focusing on how to use software instruments. For the final summative assignment, we recorded sounds that we believed would be heard at school, then we edited them using plug ins, and had to use everything we learnt, loops, software instruments, and incorporate it with the track.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

The first sound I recorded was the sound of typing on keyboards, then I added a bit crusher and a phaser that made it sound completely different to what it use to sound like. I changed it making it sound like a crunching sound. It was useful because my plan was to make a track that sounded quite dark, so the crunching sound caused an effect as if there was some creature or just a creepy sound. The second sound I recorded was the sound of some kids screaming, I changed it by adding a delay and distortion, which allowed my piece to have a somewhat of a vocal sound and the “blood curling” screams match my theme. The third sound is a teacher talking, where I added the plug ins overdrive, delay, chorus, and phaser, causing it to have a robotic effect, making my piece sound kind of suspenseful. Lastly, the sound I recorded was the AC unit, where I added an exciter, flanger, gain, and phaser, which matched my drum beat really well.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

I learnt how to add plug ins to sounds making them sound completely different to the original sound. I also learnt the ways you can make sounds match, which is to understand the theme of the sound and really listen to it so you know what the theme of the sounds you are trying to mix it with should be. During my learning process, exploring was one of the major ways I was able to learn new skills. For example, I didn’t know how to use the pan tool, but I just messed around with it and I was able to put it into my piece. Other than that, I also acquired the skill to play the software instruments at ease as we had practice and also I understood that even if I got the note or chord wrong, there is a function where I can change the time the note comes in, the length, and even the note can be changed. Overall, the biggest thing I learnt was to simply get comfortable with garage band. There were many things I had trouble with so learning these new skills would definitely benefit me in the future.

What challenges did you face and overcome?

The challenges I faced were one, in the pro midi assignment, it was really hard for me to make the song sound more unique and different to the original. To overcome that challenge, I just did the best way I could think of which was trial and error. I would put something in the track, listen to it, then decide if I should or should not keep it there. The next challenge was the culminating assignment, when I tried editing my sounds, I was adding plug ins to the master track, causing all my sounds to have the same plug ins. Though it was a pretty stupid mistake, I was quite frustrated. After spending a lot of time trying to figure out the issue, I eventually went and ask the teacher for help. One more challenge was time management, for the first 2 assignments, the loops and terminology, though my results didn’t come out bad, the process of creating it or writing it was very rushed, making me stressed when it really shouldn’t be thinking of the amount of time that was given. In order to overcome it, I decided it would be at my best interest to make sure I complete the next two practice projects on time so I can be prepared for the actual summative.