Math Comparisons

On the Pre-Assessment I did really well because I only got 2 incorrect. On the other hand, my summative was okay. I got a few incorrect but that is normal for me.

There are many comparisons I can make and I have one right now. For instance, for the pre-assessment, in the problem where I had to write it greatest to least, I did it correct. But for the summative I didn’t do it right. An evidence is, I wrote from least to great instead of the opposite consecutive order.

Next, I also improved my recognition towards expanded form and like all those forms. For example, when we were suppose to write the number in expanded form in our pre-assessment, I accidentally wrote it in word form. But for the summative, I looked at the directions more carefully so I do it correct.

Finally, my order of operations improved. Even in both of them I did not get wrong, I still think I improved. To add on, I am saying I can see I do it a lot quicker in the summative but still show my work in an efficient way. I can get the numbers out of my head easily and smoothly because I had a lot of practice. For the pre-assessment, I did know how to do it but I just felt like I could improve just a bit and I did in the summative.

Looking at both of the tests I can point out the differences between them. I really did try to improve on the summative and I somewhat was able to. Even I only got beginning to meet I still see big improvements I made after the unit.

The order of operations section of my Summative
The whole page of my pre-assessment

Nychole’s Summitives


FORMS: What is a digital citizen like?


A digital citizen will show integrity and commitment. How?

You show integrity by signing into a site using your real identity and telling others online what you think of there site but do not say offensive things. You show commitment by showing everyone how  you care and would never give rude comments.


Responsibility: How can I demonstrate responsibility, both personally and socially, when using digital tools?


You can demonstrate responsibility socially and personally.

  • You can hold your digital tool in a proper way.
  • You should keep all food or liquids away the digital tool from an appropriate distance.
  • When you go online, be sure of who you are contacting. It could be a bad guy or someone older than you that wants to threaten you.
  • Also, think before you do it.
  • Do not visit sites that are are inappropriate for you


Connection: How do I build connections using digital tools?


You can build connection by using hangouts because you can facetime people and facetiming is like seeing a person face to face. You can also use Whatsapp because you can text and call people. There is also instagram and facebook you can use because you can share your memories in your pictures.


Communicator: How can I be an effective communicator online?


You have to speak online! I know you had  listen but you still have to talk. Tell everyone how you feel or what you think about it. Tell everyone your ideas. You can say like, “ OH your creation is really good! Maybe you can work on this and that……….”

I will follow these agreements for the rest of the years so I can be a responsible digital user. I will show responsibility, have connection with others, and communicate with others.