Project Genesis – Mashup and Statement

The first thing I did was write a proposal for what I wanted to do for the project, which was a mashup. The reason is I’ve never done it and I want to try something new. After my proposal has been approved, I went ahead to do my research, during the process, I figured out how to match the time of each song by using the metronome, then enabling flex time. When the research process has been completed, I was able to begin making the mashup. Firstly I found some songs that I wanted to put together. Next I had to find the metronome time that matched the song then enable flex time. The next bit was to use one of those songs as my base, then trim and add the different songs into it. Furthermore, I used automation when I wanted to emphasise one song, but still have the other song playing in the background.

For the 2 minute long criteria, I have followed it, but exceeded it as when it hit the 2 minute mark my mashup didn’t sound like it was ending yet I wanted to keep the things in front of it, therefore I had an extra 15 seconds for the ending of the mashup. Next, I have used 4 songs for the mashup. Then, it made sort of musical sense as the songs had bits that sounded similar to each other, and I found a speed that all of the songs would sound decent when in that speed. The timing is a bit messed up as I could have made one of the songs not match their BPM, however, it doesn’t affect the sound of the mashup that much. For being balanced between all of the songs, there was one song that does not appear that often throughout the piece, but that was because that was more of a transition song where I’d put in between two songs.

Throughout this process of creating a mashup, I’ve learnt the crucial factors of making mashups. First, I learnt the importance of timing, I was able to find the BPM for a song, then check enable flex time. Though this is a skill I have learnt, I have been able to use automation and adjust the ups and downs of volume better. I know when to use those and how to use it effectively. I also learnt how to transition from songs but at the same time make it sound good. I would find keys from one song that sound somewhat similar to another songs keys, and sort of overlap it.

At first, it took me an incredibly long time to find the right songs which really wasted some of my time. I couldn’t seem to find songs that matched each other well, but I overcame them by focusing hard when listening to them. Finding the BPM was also a challenge as sometimes I couldn’t tell if the metronome was faster or slower than the song. I overcame them by changing the metronome’s speed not in big chunks but instead finding a range then slowly moving up or down when I thought that it was too slow or fast. Another challenge I faced was I was struggling with making some parts sound pleasing, when I overlapped some things, the timing was really weird. But then I realised I had to match it to one of the beat (1,2,3, or 4)lines so it would be in time with the other songs.

Project Genisis – Crit A Research

From this link, I will be using the information on how to change the metronome to match the beat of the music, then enabling the flex time and ‘follow tempo and pitch’ allowing the speed of the song to change when the speed of the metronome is changed, that way the different songs with different speeds can match.

When choosing songs, try to pick some that have a somewhat similar key so that it will sound good. As well as ensuring that your two songs are adjusted to the same BPM(beats per minute). I could also adjust the volume of the tracks.

This will help my project because I can know what I should emphasise more on to make the mashup good. For instance, like creating a unique one with things you believe not many people would think of. Or to make sure the songs you put in there are still recognisable when mixed with other songs. Mixing songs with similar chords and keys, if one of the songs don’t match with the other, don’t put them next to each other.
From this source I can learn how to find keys that will match together. In order to do that I could change the pitch of the song but I will have to be aware of how much I change it as it can change the quality.

Project Genesis Proposal

My goal for this assignment is to put together a few songs and create a musically piece using those songs. I will put together songs that are from similar time periods like 70’s or 80’s or just older songs, allowing the audience being able to tell the type is from those times.

I chose this project in order to express myself through the music that I listen to. It allows me to be creative with the things I love, and when I listen to it, it would be something that I can be proud of. When a mashup is created, it lets people and myself listen to music in a new way, hearing a bunch of songs at once.

The first thing I would do is listen to songs that are from 70’s to 80’s because I chose that era. But instead, while I am listening to the songs, I will analyse them closely trying to get the mood it gives off from the beats, tune, melody, lyrics, etc. Next, I will pick at least 4 songs and youtube to mp3 those songs. Then using my research, I will use GarageBand to put together these songs and the beat must match.

I hope to learn how to use the tools in garage band to make a bunch of songs mixed together sound good. I also hope to learn how to improve on my time management skills and space out the work evenly instead of doing it all at once.

I will use the criteria B rubric to self assess the success of my product because it talks about the things required in my product like timing, relating to what I say in this proposal, makes musical sense, and have a balance of parts. It should be a 2 minute long mashup consisting of at least 4 songs put together.