Service Day Experience

Last Friday, the entire G7 went to different places to take action and do community service. I was doing the impact walk, we went to Mong Kok and gave out food, water, and soap to homeless people around the neighbourhood.

During that experience, I learnt many new things about the lifestyle of homeless people and the reasons they were living like that. This walk really opened my eyes about the poverty issue around the world. And Mong Kok is only the one part of Hong Kong and an even smaller part of the world. The founder of Impact HK Jeff came on the walk with us, and he told us that many of the homeless people are very lonely. They just want some love, so when I gave them the food, it was really touching to see their faces light up. This was something new towards me, I donated items before but never seen the receivers reaction. So doing this is such a great experience to interact with other people while giving them things too!

Overall, I would really want to do it again and learn more about homelessness. Now I feel a lot more empathetic towards these people and understand their backgrounds easier.