Project Genisis – Crit A Research

From this link, I will be using the information on how to change the metronome to match the beat of the music, then enabling the flex time and ‘follow tempo and pitch’ allowing the speed of the song to change when the speed of the metronome is changed, that way the different songs with different speeds can match.

When choosing songs, try to pick some that have a somewhat similar key so that it will sound good. As well as ensuring that your two songs are adjusted to the same BPM(beats per minute). I could also adjust the volume of the tracks.

This will help my project because I can know what I should emphasise more on to make the mashup good. For instance, like creating a unique one with things you believe not many people would think of. Or to make sure the songs you put in there are still recognisable when mixed with other songs. Mixing songs with similar chords and keys, if one of the songs don’t match with the other, don’t put them next to each other.
From this source I can learn how to find keys that will match together. In order to do that I could change the pitch of the song but I will have to be aware of how much I change it as it can change the quality.

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