Project Genesis Proposal

My goal for this assignment is to put together a few songs and create a musically piece using those songs. I will put together songs that are from similar time periods like 70’s or 80’s or just older songs, allowing the audience being able to tell the type is from those times.

I chose this project in order to express myself through the music that I listen to. It allows me to be creative with the things I love, and when I listen to it, it would be something that I can be proud of. When a mashup is created, it lets people and myself listen to music in a new way, hearing a bunch of songs at once.

The first thing I would do is listen to songs that are from 70’s to 80’s because I chose that era. But instead, while I am listening to the songs, I will analyse them closely trying to get the mood it gives off from the beats, tune, melody, lyrics, etc. Next, I will pick at least 4 songs and youtube to mp3 those songs. Then using my research, I will use GarageBand to put together these songs and the beat must match.

I hope to learn how to use the tools in garage band to make a bunch of songs mixed together sound good. I also hope to learn how to improve on my time management skills and space out the work evenly instead of doing it all at once.

I will use the criteria B rubric to self assess the success of my product because it talks about the things required in my product like timing, relating to what I say in this proposal, makes musical sense, and have a balance of parts. It should be a 2 minute long mashup consisting of at least 4 songs put together.

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