Ukulele – Your Choice!

For elements I didn’t change were the pace and the pitch. I kept the pace as slow as the original song because the meaning in the songs lyrics gives out a very calm yet sad vibe, the slower the song is, the more solemn it seems. The pitch was the same because I liked the melody of the song, but wanted it to be played in the ukulele sound, so I kept the pitch the same.

Of course as required we had to put drums in our recording, but setting that aside, there are some things I changed based on my own preference. I changed the volume of the song because I wanted to put more emotion into the song. For instance, at the second last section which was chorus 1, I played the song and sung it louder. Then the last section was played and sung very softly. The reasoning was not only to out more emotion into it, also because the lyrics in the last section changed slightly by having negative adjectives replace the positive ones, so I decided that playing with the level of each section would sound better.

The ukulele skills I acquired included playing chords, matching the metronome, strumming patterns. For chords I definitely needed it because the whole song was just chords, matching the metronome is a crucial part as well because the words needed to match the strumming. The strumming pattern had to be created on your own to match the emotion of the song. But either way, none of these skills are new to us because after the ukulele assignment last time we have a clear understanding of these basic skills.

In garage band, we used basic features like cutting and trimming, or using the metronome. The feature that we didn’t use last time were the digital drums and instruments. The procedure in adding those two things is simply clicking the plus symbol on the bar where the narration vocal is on, then it will let you choose to either add an instrument, another voice recording, a drummer, or a mini piano keyboard. So you can just click the ones you want. When you click the drums, a selection of drum rhythms will appear and you can choose one that matches your song. And for the instrument you can choose a guitar or bass.

I didn’t have very good time management in this project because I was planning to record the parts I couldn’t do at home like the ukulele at school. But I spent too long practicing at school that I had to wait to record my ukulele until the next classes. For singing and drums it didn’t have much trouble with time because I had time to do at home.

Learning to make the digital drums and instruments sound good with my song was a bit of a challenge to do on my own because I didn’t know how to but then I was able to fiddle with the features or ask my peers for help, so I won’t spend too much time just trying to figure it out. Recording the ukulele did take me quite some time because I wasn’t sure how to record it with the metronome, but I just studied the song more so I can understand when each chord comes in.

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