My Instrument Choice

My instrument choice is the flute because I know how to play it and I don’t want to start something else that might affect my knowledge of how to play the flute.

The sound can be so graceful and elegant, yet it can be suspenseful, I like that kind of spooky sound. Flute is mainly used for high pitched melody, it can be played low but playing it high sounds really nice.

Th flute is really small, it consists of three parts, one part is for blowing into, the other one is longer that goes in the middle of the two pieces, which have buttons on them. Then the last piece is the shortest one that has more buttons on them. For tuning the flute if the sound is too flat you have to stick the blowing piece and the button piece in more, if its too sharp you do the other way.

Cleaning it just needs a stick with a hole at the end that looks like a needle, stick the cloth in then stick the stick in. Make sure the parts are separated.

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  1. I like the reasons you listed, which are powerful, personal or practical. It sounds to me that you like everything about this instrument and truly enjoy playing it.

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