Scinece Structures & Forces

Q1: How does the natural world affect us?

The natural world affects us in many ways and it can be good or bad, but we can’t stop it from happening(well, there are ways). Gravity is everywhere around the earth, gravity is the force that pulls you down, kind of like when your hair falls out it doesn’t go upwards. Typhoons are a combination of strong wind and rain, it causes very chaotic incidents like buildings breaking or possibly even floods. It affects us by having stay indoors all day and make sure you have a steady shelter. 🙂

Q2: How do we use scientific thinking to learn about the interaction between natural world and us?

We can learn the forces within the natural world and how they can affect our lifestyles.

Q3: How did you use science? What did you learn? What experiments or tests did you design?

I used science by having an independent and a dependent variable, a controlled variable, using a method. And as we did the experiment, we made sure we had a thing to measure with, we recorded the data and made observations, I learnt the importance of graphing and organising data. I made a chair that has a layer added in each trial and tested the load it can carry with 10 grams weights.

Q4: How did you improve as a learner?

I improved as a learner by setting goals and finding ways to work effectively as a team. I learnt how to collaborate with other people and how to write good science reports.

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  1. Those are good observations from your daily life. It’s good that you related those to what you learn from the subject. You highlighted a point that how human factor is in play too. 🙂

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