My Design Logo

I am glad of how the logo turned out. It was somewhat accurate towards my first paper draft and it meets most of the tech specs. Especially for simple and memorable. The colours are contrasting and my logo being one stroke makes it simple. My initials express me because it’s my name, and the colours are like a sunset which show my calmness. Lastly, the curviness and loops are to show femininity, rhythm, and happiness. It is versatile because I can change the colours of my logo easily.

During the process of using Illustrator, I learned many new tools. I found an amazing brush stroke/font that created that calligraphy, loopy effect on my logo just how I thought of. Another feature I learnt was the gradient tool, and that was how I created the transition from pink to yellow.

A few improvements I could make is the appearance. It doesn’t look like a logo to me and it looks too homemade, meaning that it looks unprofessional. The light pink between the 2 letters doesn’t really fit in the transition. Though I had a pen tablet that helped me have steady lines, it doesn’t look very neat.

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