Math Comparisons

On the Pre-Assessment I did really well because I only got 2 incorrect. On the other hand, my summative was okay. I got a few incorrect but that is normal for me.

There are many comparisons I can make and I have one right now. For instance, for the pre-assessment, in the problem where I had to write it greatest to least, I did it correct. But for the summative I didn’t do it right. An evidence is, I wrote from least to great instead of the opposite consecutive order.

Next, I also improved my recognition towards expanded form and like all those forms. For example, when we were suppose to write the number in expanded form in our pre-assessment, I accidentally wrote it in word form. But for the summative, I looked at the directions more carefully so I do it correct.

Finally, my order of operations improved. Even in both of them I did not get wrong, I still think I improved. To add on, I am saying I can see I do it a lot quicker in the summative but still show my work in an efficient way. I can get the numbers out of my head easily and smoothly because I had a lot of practice. For the pre-assessment, I did know how to do it but I just felt like I could improve just a bit and I did in the summative.

Looking at both of the tests I can point out the differences between them. I really did try to improve on the summative and I somewhat was able to. Even I only got beginning to meet I still see big improvements I made after the unit.

The order of operations section of my Summative
The whole page of my pre-assessment

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