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This week I worked on the water tornado experiment. The water tornado is an experiment of a tornado inside a bottle. You have two bottles and you use waterproof tape to stick the two plastic cups together. Before you tape the cups together you must add 3/4 of water in one of the cups and if you want you can add food coloring or glitter to make the tornado more obvious. You can also and washing detergent if you want just a drop but I don’t recommend it.  Then you turn to the bottle around and then spin the bottle. You will see the water tornado form and the water being filtered to the other cup.

I chose to do this experiment because I saw it online and I thought it was an easy and fun challenge to do about. But when I started to try it I had to go through many times of trial and error. Sometimes I added too much washing detergent and when you flipped the bottle it will create many layers of foam which made the experiment fail. One time I used a tape that wasn’t waterproof and it started to leak and it failed the experiment again. I learned an important lesson that trial and error is very important during science experiments. After a few times, I finally succeeded and I was very happy that I finally did it! Next time I can improve on adding a bit more water to make the tornado last longer and add more glitter to make it look more advanced.

For me, I felt like I spent a lot of effort into this home learning because I had to make an iMovie and I had to get a lot of materials and preparation. I even had to delay the experiment because my sister didn’t have time to help me film. I took me in total one and a half-hour to finish everything, that includes the observation sheet. Home learning is going alright so far. I try to spend as much effort as I can and time to work on my home learning because I know it is important. The next steps that I can take are taking it a little more seriously.

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