1st semester review

Finally, the first term of grade 6 has come to an end. Grade 6 is very different from grade 5, I got to learn new and fascinating things. I didn’t just improve on several different skills but I also enjoyed exploring and being a risk-taker. Life is full of adventure but grade 6 just started and it is like going on a roller coaster.

To begin with, this year I achieved many new skills and improvements. I practiced claim, evidence, reasoning and I am very familiar with it now. I also was more of a risk-taker this year because I was one of the people that did the proposal first and I worked hard to prepare for it. I also pushed myself and tried to exceed my best. Chinses this year was harder because I went up a level that was also another achievement. I also improved my general organization of time and evaluating skills.

On top of that, I am very proud that I did the exhibition proposal very early on and I put my best effort into everything I do. I am also very proud that I have new friends to support me and guide me. Above all, I enjoyed doing the experiments at the start of the year that was very fun because I got to work with others and explore new things. I also learned about the elements, like solid, liquid gas and plasma. I most enjoyed working with my peers and classmates to do math problems. I always worked with my friend and he would always encourage me. That was how we became friends because we worked like the sword and shield. Working with my friend made me enjoy math even more and we would have good laughs but also solve the problem together.

To end with I gained new and important knowledge. I use to not know what  Global Citizens were and activists now I know much more. I used to also be unsure of exhibition, I thought it would be very challenging and stressful. So far it is going very smoothly for me, I think the most important for doing the exhibition smoothly is time management skills.

As I mentioned before I also set some goals this year. My goals were group cooperation and writing organization. My group cooperation is going decent, I haven’t been working with a group in a while but I am improving slowly. For my writing, I am doing splendidly I can use my organization skills much more effectively and I also improved on my persuasive skills too. In conclusion, I hope that the next semester will be as great as this one and I can have a good challenge.

STP Simulation

This week the school prepared us a little stimulation for one day. That morning the halls were filled with people disagreeing about the new rule, we just came back from dance and our teacher was just about to tell us of the new horrifying rule. The pitch was going to be separated into three blocks. The rightmost side of the pitch is for grade 5. The center of the pitch is for grades 4 and 3. Normally the most left side of the pitch was for us, but now it was chopped to 5 sections. Imagine a rectangle chopped to five squares. My class was at the top of the rectangle and we shared another block with another class. They were cones that isolated the classes and if you crossed it you would get stickers marking our mistakes. If you got three your class section would be shrunk by a few centimeters. They is also a twist. If the teacher on duty sees you being active and having fun they would give you a bib that can gain you unlimited access to anywhere you want to go. When everyone heard about this rule they were angry and wanted to protest about this. What made this more extreme is during lunch you had to sit with your class. Everyone thought the school administration has taken this too far when the simulation took action I decided to make a goal for myself. When I saw one of my friends get a bib I wanted to get one too so I pretended to be active and I even tried to trick the teacher into giving me one. Sadly time was running out and I failed my chance.

When we came back from a nightmare of a recess although I was very angry I understood why the school did this. They wanted us to be safer and not have that many collisions, I was also sad because I didn’t get a bib. Since our anger was out of the charts the teacher told us to write a persuasive writing piece about how we feel and how we can convince the lower school council to improve this. When we reached this point I realized that this was all a big trick. Last year when we were writing about persuasive writing they used a wifi trick to make us write a piece of persuasive writing. No one was suspecting that they would trick us. This year they took it one step further Mr. McPherson sent an email to all of us. I didn’t fall for it this time. After writing and debating the teacher spilled the beans and told us the secret. Our teacher explained that this was related to our unit about sharing the planet. They addressed the needs of the teachers but not us. I finally understood. Through this experience, I learned that this wasn’t actually a trick. If this is the worst thing that has happened this week then it must have been very bad. Around the world, people are not having freedom and space. We also created our own lines of inquiry for the unit. For example, some questions we had were how can we inspire lasting change? How can we address the needs of a community while maintaining positive relationships? Having freedom is very important.

Goal setting reflection

This year my goals are to work on my cooperation skills and my writing organization. My cooperation skill is more important because group cooperation will be needed for my entire life. These two goals are important because I would need to work on these goals for a few months and I would need to try my best to succeed.

  My first goal is working on cooperation skills. Working in a team is hard for me because I tend to expect others to do as good as me, I try to raise the standard when I don’t even realize. When I do so some of the partners and not willing to do so or they are just lazy. I get very frustrated and I would feel like I haven’t done my best. I would have reached this goal when I work with a team I wouldn’t be frustrated and I would know how to confront my team but also do it in a nice way. I would be able to with a variety of people. My goal is relevant to my learning about group cooperation that can help me my entire life. When I work with anyone in the future I would be able to work well with them and know how to reach the best that we could do. I hope I would be able to do this goal by January. Because it is a new year and I would like that to be a new thing to work on in a new year.

My other goal is writing an organization. This goal is a struggle for me because when I write I have many ideas and it is hard for me to organize the ideas and structure my writing. I will know I reached this goal when someone reads my writing they would be able to read it fluently and it still makes sense. My writing structure can be more organized if I  write my writing and paragraphs one at a time. My goal is relevant to my learning because writing will be very important in the future.  My mom always told me when you write an email or an essay your English is very important because it is the first impression for someone.

Overall I hope by 2020 I can accomplish my goals and learn how to write even better. I hope I will also be a better group leader and teammate.

100 challenge reflection

For this week’s home learning I worked with a few group mates to work on a task called the 100 challenge. We had to use square root, cube, exponents and many other ways to make the numbers one to one hundred. We each had to do 25 questions because we had four people. Each time you use a decimal, you get one point, when you use a fraction you get one point and when you used brackets you get 0.5 points. Finally if you use square root and exponents you get one point. I made 225.5 points in total myself and I think I did well.

What challenged me was making the most points. I tried to make the most points with the hardest equations. Some of my equations were wrong and I had to redo it. I had to manage my time well and organize when to do the questions. Next time I should triple check my work and make sure none of them were wrong. I should have cared more about the question then the points.



Science experiment: How does carbon dioxide affect the speed of a boat.

This week we did an experiment with carbon dioxide. We didn’t just do any experiment, we did the coke and mentos boat versus the baking soda and vinegar boat. My scientific question was  How will using a different source to create carbon dioxide changes the function and speed of the boat. I took the coke and mentos boat  13 seconds to make it from one end of the tub to the other. The baking soda and vinegar boat took 4 seconds to make it from one end of the tub to the other. When you mixed baking soda and vinegar there was a chemical reaction and the product of the reaction was carbon dioxide. My hypothesis was wrong  I thought that the coke and mentos will be better and It would be faster but instead, the baking soda and vinegar were more successful.

How is carbon dioxide formed using coke and mentos? When you add coke and mentos an eruption occurs and foam and bubbles come out of the bottle but another thing that comes out is carbon dioxide. But did you know this was not a chemical change at all! To create bubbles, the carbon dioxide needs to interact with itself, which means that the carbon dioxide’s bonds with water in the Diet Coke must be broken. A Mentos candy can help with this. Although the candy from the outside looks smooth, if you looked at mentos under a microscope you would discover that each Mentos has thousands of tiny pits all over the surface. These tiny pits are called nucleation sites these sites are perfect places for carbon dioxide bubbles to form. This rough surface also allows the bonds between the carbon dioxide gas and the water to more easily break, helping to create carbon dioxide bubbles and cause the classic eruption.

Then How is carbon dioxide formed using baking soda and vinegar? Carbon dioxide is formed when sodium bicarbonate reacts with an acid. When you add vinegar and baking soda it creates carbonic acid and sodium acetate. When the baking soda meets the vinegar, there is a chemical reaction and the product of the reaction is carbon dioxide gas. Baking soda and vinegar react chemically because one is based and the other is acid. Baking soda is basically sodium bicarbonate. Vinegar, on the other hand, is a diluted solution that contains acetic acid. There are two separate reactions that happened. The first reaction is the acid-based reaction. When vinegar and baking soda is first mixed together, hydrogen ions in the vinegar react with sodium and bicarbonate ions in the baking soda. The result of this initial reaction is two new chemicals: carbonic acid and sodium acetate. The second reaction is decomposition. The carbonic acid formed as a result of the first reaction immediately begins to decompose into water and carbon dioxide. When this reaction happens the carbon dioxide rises to the top of the mixture. This creates bubbles and foam.

When we first did the experiment, we failed to do it at the first go when we did the coke and mentos experiment. We added too little coke and it failed, then we added more coke and this time we used a measuring cup which made our experiment more precise. For the baking soda and vinegar, we did the measurements correctly but we accidentally spilled baking soda into the tub and we had to do it again. One of my group mates spilled the vinegar and the amount wasn’t really correct but we still continued. It might have affected the experiment because of the amount of vinegar we put in. Next time we could have stuck to one amount instead of changing it, We could also be more careful because we would accidentally spill something sometimes and that would waste time. Science is a very fun subject and I really enjoyed this unit and doing this experiment.

Home Learning share

This week I worked on the water tornado experiment. The water tornado is an experiment of a tornado inside a bottle. You have two bottles and you use waterproof tape to stick the two plastic cups together. Before you tape the cups together you must add 3/4 of water in one of the cups and if you want you can add food coloring or glitter to make the tornado more obvious. You can also and washing detergent if you want just a drop but I don’t recommend it.  Then you turn to the bottle around and then spin the bottle. You will see the water tornado form and the water being filtered to the other cup.

I chose to do this experiment because I saw it online and I thought it was an easy and fun challenge to do about. But when I started to try it I had to go through many times of trial and error. Sometimes I added too much washing detergent and when you flipped the bottle it will create many layers of foam which made the experiment fail. One time I used a tape that wasn’t waterproof and it started to leak and it failed the experiment again. I learned an important lesson that trial and error is very important during science experiments. After a few times, I finally succeeded and I was very happy that I finally did it! Next time I can improve on adding a bit more water to make the tornado last longer and add more glitter to make it look more advanced.

For me, I felt like I spent a lot of effort into this home learning because I had to make an iMovie and I had to get a lot of materials and preparation. I even had to delay the experiment because my sister didn’t have time to help me film. I took me in total one and a half-hour to finish everything, that includes the observation sheet. Home learning is going alright so far. I try to spend as much effort as I can and time to work on my home learning because I know it is important. The next steps that I can take are taking it a little more seriously.

Scientific Method

This week we did a scientific experiment about lava lamps and we used the Scientific Method to help us. The scientific method has six steps. You first need to ask a scientific question to discover about. My question was How is the alkaseltzer tablet going to affect the experiment. Next, you need to find a hypothesis for your question. At first, I thought it would be the tool to make it glow but I was wrong. Be curious and guess what the result will be. Next is the procedure or steps of the science experiment. For the lava lamp, we first add the oil in the cup of water, after that, we add the food coloring for the color you prefer. finally you add the alkaseltzer tablet and you watch the magic happen. Keep in mind that after each step you need to observe. Since oil is less dense than water it floats on the top. It becomes two layers. When you add the food coloring it doesn’t just explode right away. When it goes through the oil it stays as a drop. after it goes through the oil and the water it explodes at the bottom and the color that you chose will change the color of the water. The secret ingredient added at the end is the alkaseltzer tablet. It smells like mint and it is in a pill form. Once you add the tablet the chemical change of all the elements changes. bubbles start forming and everything starts fizzing. The bubbles go up and the top layer starts to produce foam. After a while the tablet starts molding and the lava lamp starts changing color into the color green because the tablet has the color green. The alkaseltzer tablet is made of Citric Acid plus sodium Bicarbonate and that’s the reason why it fizzes.

Overall this experiment was very fun and I really enjoyed it. I hope that we can do more experiments in the future.

Weekly Reflection

This week is the second week of school! This second week has been challenging and it will take some time to get used to. This week we have done many things like our HTWW project, our first week of home learning, decorating our door and many more. The thing I thought was the most important and special was our passion project. This project was done throughout this week and we got to start exploring what we wanted to do for the real exhibition. For our mini inquiry, I did about the Sixth Extinction. This is my favorite piece of work because this Leeds us further to the exhibition. It gave me a brief touch of exhibition and I learned a little bit more about my passion. I used to think exhibition was a huge project and I was a little afraid at the start. Since we did this mini-exhibition I have a brief experience of what the real exhibition will be and it isn’t scary because I know people will guide me and support me through.

I hope by next week I will have got used to the whole grade six procedures and rules and I  hope this year would be the best year out of all.