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My VR Logo

Here is my VR Logo: Reflection In what ways were you Vr logo a successful one: I had to go through several iterations of the logo then I had
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Ukulele Song 2-Lava

Here is my assignment: Here is my reflection: How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?  The
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Ukulele Song

Here is my assignment REFLECTION Discuss your playing in regards to; timing, note accuracy, rhythm accuracy. In my audio file my timing is I sometimes had some notes
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ABout me part 2

Part 1 你叫什么名字? 我的名字是 Brent 你是哪国人?(country) 我是美国人 你从哪里来?(country) 法国 …住在哪里?(continent) 欧洲 你在哪儿上学? 加拿大国际学校 你上几年级? 六 你家有几口人? 四 他们是谁? 妈妈,爸爸,姐姐和我 你的爸爸妈妈工作吗? 我的妈妈工作。我的爸爸不工作。 他们的工作是什么? 我不知道 他们在哪儿工作? 我的妈妈工作HSBC Part 2 你会上网买东西吗?
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For the past three days, we had a workshop with a group called the Young Americans. We learned how to dance, sing, act and say yes, and. So we had
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