Project Genesis Final Product


Explain the step by step process of this assignment…
The First thing that I had to do was to get my idea approved so that I can start working on it. This was kind of hard because I had to fill out another one of these forms to submit which can be a lengthy process for me to complete. The second thing I had to do was to do some research to find out how to play these songs and how to even play some of these to have them sound nice and beats. This one was easy at some points and super hard at others. The easy part was when I either had the song already played and had a copy of it so then I would just put it as my starter area for my project. The really hard part of this was when I had to try and to recreate them in a track.i had an idea which was whenever there was a part that I could not play I would just play the note and then edit it later into the right part. This leads into another easy bit which was when I got really tired of listening to songs for hours and trial and error of notes I would just download some which were slightly hard due to the fact that I had to find a place where 1.) I could download it 2.) The quality had to be decent and 3.) Where I could place it into the garage band file.After all of this collection of songs I now have the actual project to do of putting them together into one song have some good transitions and a few extra parts here and there to make it have some more depth. So I put it together feeling really good about myself and since I had some more lesson leftover I was told that I should try to mash it up. This made me have to repeat the whole process and dump some really good part s the having to edit the way that some of them sound than changing the tempo and then having to play some songs and then give up again to download the songs. After all of that, we get to the whole project to the point where it is right now.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal…
It was not entirely successful because when I had originally set out to do this project in my naive boat on the sea of music-making I had originally wanted for this to be a remix of my favorite Kirby songs when what I got was more of a mashup of Kirby songs as a way to pay homage to one of my favorite video game characters from one of my most favorite series and my main character that I play in super smash bros. As such some of the criteria that I have for my self will be easy at some and impossible at others so keep that in mind. The first criterion of the two which is not a lot because I wanted to give myself plenty of room to make this project. Anyways the first criteria were that you could recognize what the song was which was really easy because I did not edit the way that the original song sounded. The second criterion that I am assessing my self on was that all sounds had a purpose like they belonged there. This was actually really hard at some parts because the transitions could have taken me a long time to think about how it would sound.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
I really have grown in my understanding of garage band in general and especially in the parts that I wanted to because I had made the project in how I wanted to grow my skills in GarageBand. For example I originally wanted to understand how to use midi instruments better and I have defiantly grown there because not only do I have my own mechanisms of how I want to get certain notes that I can not get the allotted time. But I can also effectively use certain instruments in certain parts. A good example of that is in the Legend Of Zelda part I added I had gotten very good at using orchestral instruments which also improved my knowledge of most instruments and where they would sound best and I can now say what effect that each instrument adds overall to your song. For example, a harp adds a certain light feeling to your song. Overall I think that my new skills could help me out a lot later on if I choose to do something similar in the future.


What challenges did you face and overcome? *
Throughout this whole experience of this project, I have had many challenges and success but none of them compare to the biggest one. The Biggest challenge that I had was getting the base because at the beginning it took me a very long time before I figured out that it was possible for me to just add the notes at the bottom and that was even a very long amount of time to set that up so I had to keep doing that which lead me to start downloading some of the songs because then this whole project would have taken me hour s upon hours to complete. Then I realized that I could just have separate tracks and that made me so much faster which is why it took me way less time to make my legend of Zelda song so now I can also change the sounds of the certain parts of the song. So through this, I have changed so much throughout this.

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