Project Genesis Proposal

What is the goal of your assignment?
To make an EDM remix of the Kirby battle song against King Dedede.


Why this project?
I have always loved the song and I have been working on the normal track for so long. So I felt like I should let it finally play. I also choose this because usually for a project I need a bit of a boost on the start of the project but that factor is removed because I have already built the normal song of the remix, therefore, it will be a lot better sounding because now I can focus more on the actual remix part of the song that it sounds better than the other ones.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.
First I shall have to make the basic song which is easy enough to do. Then I will fiddle with the way that the song plays such as the instrument and the pitches of the notes. Next, I will add in new elements such as loops and drummer tracks for it to sound different. If this all goes well I should have a good remix of the song and hopefully make it sound better than ever before.


What do you hope to learn?
Throughout this whole process I hope to learn more about how to use midi instruments and original ideas to make very good songs and remixes. I also want to learn more about how to get things to make a sound like they belong in a song and not make a whole section of the song sound weird. That was the feedback that I got on my sounds of CDNIS project.


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product?
Whether people who know the original song can still tell what the song that I am remixing is. This is to prevent me form me changing everything completely so that it still is a remix. I will also want it to still sound good and not completely random again because that was one of the things that I should fix that happened on my last project.

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