Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. 
Throughout this unit, we have been learning all about loop tracks, plugins, midi instruments and overall editing tho change how our sounds sound. That all has to lead up to this one assessment to find sounds across CDNIS make them sound completely different using the plugins and make a song using loops, midi instruments, and drummers to make a song out of it. The first thing that I did was I had to come up with an idea of what sounds I wanted on my music. So I choose to use me throwing my darts that I brought against a wall, I then also used me hitting my head against a pillow that Mr.Lee had, I had me clanking metal pens together and finally, I had my french teach scream. Next, I took these sounds and I played around by using multiple plugins until I arrived at the ones that I wanted. the more common ones that I used including the ones that I did not showcase in earlier was the phaser and the pitch shifter and I then utilized them in different ways to create completely original sounds. Then I ran into a problem. Now that I had all of the sounds what am I going to do with all of these sounds. So then I sat down and I brainstormed until I thought about what this school represents diversity. So I decided to take these sounds and all have them fit into different styles of music to show how there are so many ways that these things can be. In a way, it was kind of like my life. I have seen so many different styles and ways to fit that this song kind of represents my journey throughout life. All of the phases and changes that I have gone through even in the small amount of time that I have been on earth. Just like how you can fit so many different styles in less than 2 minutes and 15 seconds of a song.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
The CDNIS sounds were a little bit on the shorter side of how often they were used. This is because as I mentioned earlier I have to fit in so many styles that I ended up using a lot of loops and some drummers to make the actual styles and would use the sounds to adapt to the sounds that were being played. In a way, this made it even more personal to me because the sounds are trying to fit into where they are but until the very end, I completely break one style and just do a completely different one utilizing the sounds as I use all of them in that last one to make a completely different tone. I even use me beatboxing to show that this is me. as a way of saying that no-mater what you can always fit in and if you don’t then you make your own new style and be a risk-taker. So the sounds ended up being accidentally more useful than I thought before by giving this song meaning and a message to the other people. But they do fall a little bit on the short side of usage because they really only shine towards the end becoming part of the melody and the loop being the baseline. However, there is one exception to this rule and that is the scream. This one I had used out the entire thing of the melody because of how easy it is to fit this sound into the other styles but there is one part that I just can’t seem to fit it into.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
Everything that I have used in this assessment is completely new to me with the exception of drummers. I have learned how to use plugins effectively to get the sound I want and I now know what each and everyone does and how it works. For example, the pitch shifter obviously changes the pitch of the sound overdrive makes it when in older concerts they would end up blasting the music so loud that it would enter a state of overdrive. I also learned how to make my music sound cleaner by attaching it to each other by the fastest it would go. This makes it sound seamless so it is really good for when you want to edit the way that your midi instrument sounds. Speaking of the midi instruments I now know how to edit them and use them. To use them click to add a new track, then select the midi track. Then if you want to change yo instrument form the piano, on the side you will see a selector for what instrument it will be. Then press command and k at the same time and you find the keyboard. You can make the sounds by pressing the corresponding note on the keyboard to the key on your laptop. Then you can record. Now that you have your track lets say that you want to change the note you played. So to do that double click on the track and you will see the green bars those are the notes that you played and next to it you will see and normal piano adjust it to the note that it would be on the piano and viola you know have a great piano track.


What challenges did you face and overcome? 
I think that the biggest challenge that I had to overcome was actually making it sound like music and not a bunch of random sounds slapped to gather but make it sound like one fluid song that would showcase different styles that are played throughout the entire world. So I then discover loops and that really helped me out with the way that song sounded it was the one that actually set up the style for my sounds and then after eve just adding one the whole thing sounded miles better and then I finally had a way to make it sound good. The next challenge was the I had to make it sound fluid and connect into one another thankfully the loops saved me sometimes. Notice how I said sometimes there was several times where I had to get creative the first time was when I had to transition between a hype style to an African dessert-style sound. SO what I did was I changed the midi instrument to a beet machine and then I did a short x10 and then added one long to make it sound like it started to fizzle out and then I began the other style. The next time came right after that transition for the African style into my style and then I did what any person would do yell “haha sike nope” and then finished.

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