Ukulele Song 2-Lava

Here is my assignment:

Here is my reflection:

How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 

The difference between my song and the original is that I have added a drummer and an electronic piano. The reason for this was because that I wanted to still have that Hawaiian feel to it but still incorporate some more modern elements. S for the piano, I added it to the chorus so I have and made it sound like an old instrument to still give it that comfy vibe but still sound sharp and sentimental. For the Drummer, I was having a little bit of difficulty because I couldn’t see a heavy drum fitting in with a light ukulele so I ended up just using a simple beat and tried to keep it as quiet as possible but still be able to hear it. However, with all of that said there still are some very close ties to the original. I Kept the same basic instrument the ukulele in there and used the same way of singing it. The reasons behind me keeping the same singing was because I really enjoyed the sound of the song and especially the lyrics made me feel like I was what they were singing about so I wanted to keep that sound and keep the music around that whole sound of the original song.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? 

These classes helped prepare for this all the way from the beginning. They first helped me out with learning how to play a song so it actually sounds good and then put it into garage band and edit it to make it sound better so I could change it and do less work by getting one chord right and then editing them together in garage band to save time and that helped me out a lot when it came to this project. The music classes also helped me out with playing in time and not going haywire when playing. They also helped with getting all of my assignments done on time and not getting a zero. With that said I did do a lot of independent learning. I taught myself the island strum and how to use it. I also learned how to join several tracks into one to save time and not just copy and paste one note at a time. Finally, I taught myself how to sing better because before I couldn’t sing at all but after practicing for a while I finally got the hang of it.

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