My MYP Design Coffee Cup

Prototype 1:

This one is not in here because here ran into a lot of problems the first one was the fact that it was very ambitious because it was a beaker design with a flap. Then we found out how hard it was to build a cup. Finally, there was just no way to do it.

Prototype 2 :

In this prototype, it actually worked but had so flaws in the next prototype I would add a base so it could stand up by itself, add a few extra layers so you don’t burn your hand and make it less ugly.


Prototype 3:

I   this prototype the is a new layer for where you put your hand and I removed the fold in the back so now you see a knot. One of the things that I like about this cup is that thanks to the extra layer it creates a ring so it can stand. next time I will try to remove the knot or make it more sturdy.


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