Beam desgin

My beam design has a good amount of elements in them each one meaning a different thing but all tie in to mean balance. The red dragons are there to represent power and being lucky. By far this was the second easiest thing to draw my trick was to get an image the trace it to then copy and change the color. I got an idea to do this by looking around the classroom and what I think about when I here Chinese culture. You can also see two golden phoenixes’s When I first was told about the Phoenix I thought that this would be like a phoenix rising from the ashes but through this unit I learned that the Phoenix actually is supposed to be majestic and beautiful and was the counterpart to the dragon and since the theme was balanced two opposites coming together in harmony I had to put this in. I added a yin and yang to really show the balance. Lastly, I had some bamboo inside of the design to represent learning. I think this would fit in because the ccc is Chinese culture and learning.

Beam design

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