G6 End Of The Year Reflection Review

In this year of studying Chinese, my overall feeling is that I really enjoyed this year for multiple reasons. The first one was that I learned a lot of Chinese. This all started when I got an A on my test then I started to study more and try harder I went to the CCC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Slowly I started getting better and better I used pinyin less and less my scores were going up and up then that all paid off I got into phase two for Chinese that day I was so ecstatic. I also enjoyed this year because I learned so many things about the Chinese culture, calligraphy, feng shui, Chinese opera, and mythology. This sent me away with so much knowledge to give to my family and them learning something new every day. A prime example of me learning about Chinese culture is when we had to make a beam design and learned all about the CCC.


If I were to pick one attribute and attitude. The attribute would inquirer this is because as I said before I learned a lot of Chinese it all started when I got an A on my test then I started to study more and try harder I went to the CCC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Slowly I started getting better and better I used pinyin less and less my scores were going up and up. So that shows my ability to be willing to learn more and ask questions. The attitude that I think best describes me through this year of emotions. I think it would be enthusiasm because when were doing the beam design I was so happy to be doing this I approached it with enthusiasm and tried my hardest and I was proud of what I had done with everything on it. Another time I used enthusiasm was when we were learning about the Chinese culture I was so excited to learn about all of the mythology.


In WWA we learned about feng shui and the mid-autumn festival. This was hands down my favorite unit because this was where most of the culture and mythology happen. In feng shui, we learned about the different elements and things that are lucky and things that aren’t. Some of the unlucky things are giving a clock to an elder as a present because in Chinese feng shui that is saying that you are waiting for them to die another one is placing chopsticks straight up in rice that is saying again I hope you die.SOme lucky things are fu words and at Chinese new year, leaving the head of the fish left after the feast. We also learned about the moon cakes in while learning about the mid-autumn festival.


In WWPT we learned about economics and how various events can affect local and global communities like in the story dad changed. You see how a company’s boss for paper gets affected when there was a flood and by the end of the story, he was a green organization. I don’t really remember much about this unit since it was during the exhibition and everything was crazy. In this unit, I think we learned about using WeChat to chat and how that can affect our lives in the sense that It will save you money. We also learned about how a natural disaster can affect the economy in daddy changed.


In HERO learned about the different Chinese art forms so for our summative we had to come up with a beam design for the CCC. We learned about the various things that affect the design of the CCC and by the end, I realized how much culture there was inside of that CCC. Now I never walk into the CCC the same way because I know that every single ounce of this design is all based on feng shui. We also learned about a famous drawer and how he was important to understanding Chinese culture. He was a part of not a rich family and wasn’t famous then but know because of all the things he wrote and everything he drew we now know so much more about the Chinese culture.


After learning all of this, I can now communicate and understand better if someone doesn’t speak English. For example, I can know to talk to the taxi drivers or bus drivers better if they don’t speak English. I also feel better knowing that if I ever get lost I can always read the signs. I know feel like I am now more immersed in chinese language. I feel that I know understand the Chinese culture/heritage and I know feel more part of the Hong Kong community. The last thing is that Know I hold knowledge that I can teach to other people so they can learn everything that I learned and they can continue teaching so more and more people know Chinese. Overall I think that this was a good and successful year for me in Chinese and I have definitely gotten farther with my knowledge of Chinese.

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