For the past three days, we had a workshop with a group called the Young Americans. We learned how to dance, sing, act and say yes, and. So we had written a letter to them to thank them.  Here it is:


Dear Young Americans,

 Hi, it’s me, Bob!  I’m just kidding I’m Brent. For you, this might be a pun-ishment. Anyways all jokes aside I am writing to tell you how you changed my life. Before I first heard about you from last years grade 6’s there was so much hype and I thought “Yeah, Okayyyyy.” Now I’m like “Holy rooten tooten fiery dopen. Let’s do it again.” In the beginning, I was so scared to try dancing, singing, and acting but as you said say yes, and I wasn’t sure what you meant but as we completed the first day I realized what that meant. A few examples Of my highlights are doing the final dance, doing the tuba solo (even though I felt light-headed after blowing), getting to get a solo on the opening dance and the decades. All of my low lights were…….Ah forget it there wasn’t any! You helped me when I thought that I couldn’t do the stick dance. I think that I could use all of the things that you taught me during this workshop later on in life when. For example, if there is something that I don’t want to do I can always say to myself yes, and.


Anyways, I just want to say thank you for all the things you’ve done for me you have made me more confident in myself, I can now dance better than before and I can now sing (Because I really cannot sing. At all). Thank you one more time because I am so blessed to be working with you. I hope that I can in any way see you or thank you enough.



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