A Hard Week…I’m Happy it is The Weekend

This week there were a lot of different academic activities.  Some were completely new experiences which made me nervous.  For example, I took my MAP test.   A MAP test is when you are asked a series of questions and the test adjusts the difficulty level based on whether or not you get the right answer.  It actually conforms to the person taking the test!  I had done this before but was still nervous because I wanted to do well.   The test took three days to complete because we had three different sections: Reading, Math, and Literacy.  The test had a long duration and I think I did well.  Also, this week our whole class made a video for our parents visit to the classroom.  It was a hard project and took a long time but we got it done and I think my mom and dad will like it.

Besides these new activities, we  continued to work hard in Chinese preparing for a presentation.  We also did a math check point on patterns, diagrams and divisibility rules.

This week was an interesting week. There was ALOT of hard work …..I wonder what will happen next week.


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