School Has Only Just Begun!

This is the end of the second week of school. There were so many new activities and events that happened but here are some things that really stuck out.

Today, we had our first dress down day. Dress down day (DDD) is when instead wearing our uniforms, there is a theme and we wear clothes that relate to it. This dress down day. the theme was “House Colors” in order to build house spirit. During school, we had to change class name because it was culturally insensitive.  We are now the 6A apps. Every morning we practice mindfulness so we are calm the whole day. Also during this week,we unpacked our central idea which is “developing self awareness can build healthy relationships”.

Earlier this week, there was a typhoon 10. We had to stay inside so school was canceled. During the typhoon I had 6 hours of work. Bummer! The typhoon killed 12 people in Macau. There is a chance that there will be another typhoon in a few days but right now not much is known.

It has been an interesting two weeks.

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